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Saturday, June 29, 2013

This is just so good! All of it!

 So there's a busy little life going on over here right now but I wanna stay all up in your read feed with the goodness. I have been planning and crafting and building and most importantly because of this glorious sunshine, gardening. Here are some of the things chugging along at a good pace as of now:

 Guest posting for my pal Jenni over at her awesome blog. Giving you some recipes stuff and just generally nerding out as I tend to do. Catch me this next Monday July 1st and many others over the next week or so too. A great way to tap into some bloggers you may not read yet.

 A great arts and crafts event is coming up and the booth spots are nearly filled!! This will be a great turnout at an awesome venue with beer and people who hand make incredible wares of a seriously wide variety. To say I am excited about this is an understatement for sure. Like I said, spots are almost full but if you are interested in participating, now would be the time to click the image below for details.

 Next week I plan on joining the Portland Preservation Society! I am thrilled to learn new recipes and meet some nerdy food people like myself. I have never canned anything. I have helped with growing and cutting and cooking stuff to be canned, like with family back in the day. But, never actually done the main process or created any cool combos myself. It's like a new culinary skill I can get into. And it will com in handy with the massive amounts of garden stuffs that will ripen and be used. I did grow a few things this year fully intending to use them in this way and in hopes of making the monthly group meetings a special new hobby for myself. You can read about the wonder of what was once a little group and now is growing with newbs like myself every month, here --->

 Last but not least this. A vid from the vortex of YouTube that my kid adores and plays about 34,987 times a day. But, it's one I like too so it's tolerable after 10 plays, enjoyable up till that. It's very Warped Tour circa 2004 and I dig that it's muppet-y.

"ONE!......ALRIGHT!!" Yeah, it's in my head for good today.

I am going outside to work on this patch of heaven and snacks. You have an amazing weekend ya'll.


  1. I am over from Jenni's blog today - LOVED the recipie!! I am so inspired lately to start my own garden, it just seems so daunting of a task to start! I am excited to find your blog and I will be poking around looking for gardening tips! I am thinking I will have to start one next summer so I am just going to get myself armed and ready this year.
    Also - genious way to cook the Spagetti Squash! I cant wait to try that! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Hey girl hey... check out the link I "nominated" you to participate in :)

    1. SWEET!!! I will do this tonight after kids pass out!!