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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Re-applying for real life. Because no, stay at home motherhood doesn't make every day Saturday.

 Today is Thursday but is always has a tendency to feel like Sunday for me. Aidan has school today but not tomorrow so it has that feeling of the last day of "free time" before a full day of work with him. I thought that blogging would be a good use of this time. Instead of cleaning if I'm being honest because let's face it, I loathe dishes. I hate to wash them. I hate to put them away. So, Hi. Hey there. I talk to you instead.

 There have been a few changes in this momlife scene. I have posted before about job hunting/pondering. I have been offered a job! details later because I am somewhat scared to put it in factual detail before I have all the factual details. I tend to jinx things that way. This is a change for our household. Dynamics are going to shift and my feelings about this are all over the board and the jury is out on whether I like it or not. Reality set in when I interviewed. Feeling somewhat out of practice I felt desperate, or rather, I felt like I sounded desperate. It was awkward. To me and not the boss apparently because I got the offer but still. So new for me because not to be cocky but I know I interview well. It's the upside of being an easy talker. I public speak and interview well because I am a story teller and shallow sharer. You get to know me sorta. But I like to be friendly and laugh and make it warm and fuzzy yet still arms length and professional. I knew I nailed it because she hugged me at the end of a two hour chat that was supposed to be a 30 minute Q&A. I will love it there. I knew it in my bones when I walked around pretending to already work there as I waited for boss lady to finish on a phone call. I like to imagine myself cleaning the dust that complacent employees have long since deemed unimportant. Facing products and smiling at customers already is automatic. I know what my strengths are and where I fit in. Whenever I have had that feeling before an interview I know in my gut I would have that job. I have never been wrong. I think it may actually set the tone for the meeting itself and make me just feel at home. It's like a subconscious harnessing of my chi beforehand which pretty much kills the nerves or butterflies. The whole experience was just what I needed. I cold called this place. I talked to the owner and asked him if he wanted to hire me. I got a call from his wife for an interview. And then I got the job. He actually had said " I didn't think I was hiring until you asked me".

 I have already been away from home more often because I am going back to the gym finally. A hiatus doesn't feel good I've learned. Muscles under mush is what I've become. Crazy how one can be strong but so tired. The treadmill is great but I actually came up with a tremendous way to get more lazy people into the gym and keep them there past January 31st (cheers to resolutions but seriously). Put a Oregon Lottery video poker machine on every machine!! Winner winner lean boneless/skinless chicken dinner!! I mean, I'd stay wayyyy longer for sure. OOOoh even better, coax miserly folks in with a free membership. Make all the money from the video crack. Amazing. You're welcome Gym industry. You can have that idea.

 New yard and garden post tomorrow. Or maybe later today if the boy is wonderful. I have fun stuff in so many stages of happening.

  I haven't done a word of the day in a long time.

Falsie  : When your child tells you a completely fabricated story in a tone that sounds totally legit. Example "Seven presents for Mommy. It's Mommy's Birthday."

It's not my birthday. But him saying ALL of that sure makes me feel like it is.( And then I just had the sinking worry about missing out on all of those moments while being at work!!!! Shit!!!)


  1. >>>>Pay no attention to my big butt pic on the right.


  2. So excited for you!! I hope to see you Sunday so that we can play 20 questions about the new job!!! Congratulations laaaaaydayyy!!

  3. It's tough but you got this!

  4. It was really tough for me to admit to myself that I wanted a job just to get out of the house. I'm so glad I did it because it was probably the best thing I could have done for myself, my son and even my marriage. I hope your new job gives you the same satisfaction. Good luck!