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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Try new things.

  I have been in a bit of a moody rut and as much as I like to blame the weather, it's me. I re-read my recent posts and I need to be a more positive, bright version of me. Pity parties aren't nearly as fun to read about as creativity or humor. My bad. I will buck up and be brighter I promise.

 One of my new projects is a search for products that benefit the boy. He is a picky eater now which comes with the territory I am finding. Each article I read is repeating so much of the same information that there has got to be at least a thread of truth running through it all. Gluten is rough on a kid on the spectrum. Cows milk can effect him too. We have long since cut out cows milk and he has solely been drinking Coconut Milk since 18 months and we saw a physical change we could measure and pinpoint. I am not saying I am getting crazy crunchy or vegan anytime soon. I am not cut form the cloth of a gal who can make that a household thing ( kudos to those who can though). But I can cater to the boy better. Especially if it adds protein and daily greens to his very very lacking diet. I am putting out my feelers to find actual foods first and then possibly supplements to enrich his nourishment. The brain needs to be fed if we expect progress. Reviews to follow for sure.

 Another new thing is the amount of home grown eggs we are collecting from our girls. We are up to a dozen every three days! Some may say I have gone overboard with the chickens but they have so many purposes I am thankful for. They probably the most fascinating pets I've ever owned. Besides eating all the slugs and spiders ( no joke, we are literally rid of those pests now) and giving waste that makes excellent fertilizer for the garden come spring, these hens lay an amazing food source that Aidan enjoys eating. Egg toast is one of the more predictably consumed foods. The freshest eggs we can find right here in our yard every single day. Rain, shine or even snow. So much better for him than store bought eggs by a landslide. And I think they are prettier.

( No need to adjust your monitor color. The two lower left are blueish and the rest are champagne pink tones! )

 Soon I will be partnering with the Autistic Love Society on a very special fundraising project. So many good things in the works I can feel good about.


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