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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Update Post

 Some sort of update is due after such a cliffhanger last post. Verdict is, working does not pair well with Aidan and his developmental delays he has going strong right now. There are a few expenses that we really wanted to just payoff and knockout but, those will just have to chug along and/or wait while we continue the regularly scheduled program. I am giving myself credit for trying. Normally I feel like there is no try, only do ( thanks yoda). But with this one I really did give it my best. So many factors made it fall apart though. Working for a small business can sometimes be extremely disorganized or not the smoothest with scheduling, and we have a complex system to accommodate so I understand that was a rough cog in the whole machine. There are some really amazing things on the horizon though so I am not down or sad or even feeling like a failure. I put myself out there, it didn't fit right, and we can take a step back for now to reassess for a try down the road. A wise woman told me some great advice " you are not a tree". She is right. I am not rooted in one place and I can change my mind any time I want. So I did. And it feels better.

 Really, when it comes down to it, I do work primarily for the tiny boss man. He comes first. My hours at a job should not dictate how he grows and develops. If I can help it, I will be the one who is here for him and meets his needs so he thrives.

 I am logging our eggs the girls lay and planning my garden plot and sprouting seeds with Hallie. All of these things are so much more important than money. Money helps the life you live and the level of stress you have to endure. But money should not be the thing that makes or breaks your happiness. That shit comes and goes. The smiles and laughs and love is what fills the house with stuff that matters. Some people can have all the money in the world but be so empty and unhappy. I'd rather be happy and loved than rich.

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