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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ten Questions for The Spicy Bee

 This little lady with the bright eyes and pixie cut is quickly becoming one of my local food fanatic friends. I stalk her blog ( and Instagram for food pics and cocktails of beauty to drool at and after meeting her at a PNWBloggers event, I have really enjoyed getting to know her on a personal level. She is indeed a spicy creature and frankly, that's how I like my pals. She has a knack for finding really cool restaurants with unique Portland perks so I you need a new local entertainment guide, subscribe to everything she does right now. I will wait. ........seriously go do it.

( photo cred: Portraits by Ali )

  Ok, now that Miss Bee has fascinated you with her culinary appreciation, here are her answers to my standard 10 Q's.

 1) If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?
  I would love to travel throughout Asia--mostly because I have never been on that side of the planet and am interested in all of the different food cultures there--I want to really learn the difference between all of the cultural food . I think it would be neat to travel through all of the major areas with backpacks, trying different cuisine. Then I shall write a book.

2) Favorite food you can cook?
 My favorite food to cook is what I would coin as Mexican comfort foods. It's usually got some beans, fresh avocados, tomatoes, cilantro, chorizo or chicken, and hot sauce. Maybe some sour cream if I'm feeling naughty.

3) Favorite food you go out looking for?
 Something I can't make at home or something that would drive me crazy if I had to make it myself, either because of the level of difficulty or the array of ingredients it takes to create. An example of this would be shellfish...seafood really.
4) What or who inspired you to start your blog?
 Moving to a new city and wanting to reconnect with something I love. Back in Chicago I only had time to cook on my mornings off, and those were also my time to get absolutely everything else done as well--so cooking experiments fell by the wayside a lot. I wanted to have a digital library of my creations and favorite meals. The Spicy Bee is first and foremost that. As time goes on I would love to pepper in more restaurant reviews too!

5) When I read your blog, what should I picture you wearing?
 A food-stained Tshirt, an apron (if I remembered to put one on), jeans, and my purple moccasin slippers. I have a bad habit of going out in clothes I splattered stuff on while cooking and not seeing it until I see myself in a mirror. Somewhat embarrassing but also real life.
6) OK, you are ten years old. Who is your idol?
 Ten years old now?? I suppose if I were ten RIGHT NOW I would love Ellen. Hell, I'm my normal age and I still love Ellen. She is amazing. Now ten in the '90's then Elijah Wood because I wanted him to ask me to the sock hop HA!

7) Favorite song today?
  Sweet Sour by Band of Skulls

8) Best (worst) idea for a new reality show?
We make 4 celebrity chefs dumpster dive for food to serve at their
highest rated restaurant and see if their clientele notice.

9) Pet peeve?
  If the dishes in the dishwasher are clean just EMPTY THE *EXPLETIVE* THING ALREADY! No more Leaning Tower of Pisa in the sink. That goes for the dish drainer too, people.

  10) If you were a bug, on a wall, watching and event, what kind of bug would you be, where and what would you be witnessing?
 This one has taken me forever to decide on!  I think I would be a butterfly sitting on the desk watching the founding fathers sign the Declaration of Independence--because no one would smoosh a butterfly.

 I adore this lady. I will now go make something to eat because I looked at her blog again and I am starving.



  1. Thanks so much lady! I really have a food problem, don't I? ;)

    1. That is not a problem my friend! It's a gift.

  2. Heehe... yep, Bee is awesomesauce. Great answers!