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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ten Questions for MotorMouth Macey!!!

 This lady is just one kind soul wrapped in some serious ambitions and then all tied up with interesting ideas. I was totally ready to be in her wolfpack after hanging out at the Strike a Pose event for Portland Bloggers. I already knew I adored her from instagram and her blog perseverance2012 but we clicked times a bazillion in person. She is probably one of the most instantly likeable people I have met in a super long time. More people should have a good heart and wear it out in public like it's just what you do. Because, it's amazing to meet and refreshing to be around. On top of all that, she has sass and snark and a damn fine eye for photography ( ). 

 Here's Macey Snelson's take on my ten Q's

1) If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?
I've always answered this with Italy.  My family is from there (Sicily) and there's something romantic and magical about The Mediterranean.  However, that answer has changed recently.  I actually don't have any desire to visit Europe right now (I know, I'm shocked too) and I've found myself googling New Zealand more and more.  I would love to go camp out somewhere on the coast and hike, surf, lounge and photograph all the beauty.

2) Favorite food you can cook?
In order to have a favorite food I can cook, I need to be able to cook.  Ha!
Just kidding.  I can 'kinda' cook. 
I think my favorite thing I make is Kung Pow Chicken.  I'm a wiz with chicken, veggies and sauce from a bottle.

3) Favorite food you go out looking for?

4) What or who inspired you to start your blog?
I needed a creative outlet when I was in school, and was looking to vent about all the homework and... well, the rest is history.
5) When I read your blog, what should I picture you wearing?
Please don't.  That's way too much information.

6) OK, you are ten years old. Who is your idol?
My mom.  Seriously.  The woman is amazing.
And also Cal Ripkin Jr.  I was obsessed with baseball when I was a kid, and he was my number 1.

7) Favorite song today?
Just one?!  Ugh.  Ummmmm, let me think...
I've been listening to a lot of Passenger lately (going to his concert in July, YEAH!!!) and my current favorite of his is, "Keep on Walking."

8) Best (worst) idea for a new reality show?
Ugh, they're all awful.  I'm so over the reality show craze.
9) Pet peeve?

10) If you were a bug, on a wall, watching and event, what kind of bug would you be, where and what would you be witnessing?
I would be a June bug, cause they're cool and everyone would be all, "ooh, look at the June bug!"
And I would be on the wall in a concert house with Amos Lee crooning.  I'd give anything to see him live.  Swoon.