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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Smells like a memory.

 Today has something particularly electric about it. That energy you can physically feel in the weather. The overcast sky started to sprinkle while Aidan and I were out running errands and I had to stop and breathe. I didn't have a choice. THIS scent floods me with memories and makes me smile before I even know I am doing it. The aroma of new rain on sun baked concrete. The first sprinkles always release it but something is so special about it this time of year because the air is warmer and it feels almost tropical out. My sister says they make an man made recreation of the fragrance I described and it has a name. I don;t know it off the top of my head though I'm positive I could have Googled it and sounded real smart. I feel like I should douse my house with this smell as a home scent. It would really increase my days of productivity I think.

 Today reminded me of the day we arrived in Oregon to stay. My Dad had uprooted us from a hot desert home in Southern California where I thought my life was complete. Roller skating in the hot sunshine year round was the absolute best. My first best friend had a neighbor who was an ice cream lady and my other best friend had an older brother the rest of us all had crushes on and we spent our lazy summers watching him and his pals do immensely stupid skateboard stunts while we swooned. Living in a community made up of a cult-de-sac labyrinth was all we knew as kids. All our peers had either perfectly manicured lawns or a spread of white rocks for front yards and swimming pools for backyards. All of that changed when we packed up the U-Haul and followed my fathers job orders north.

 Our family took two routes to the new zone. My mom and three younger siblings rode Amtrak up the coast to see the scenery she had heard people rave about. I wanted to ride in the U-haul with my Dad because for one I just thought riding with my Mom sounded like a nightmare, and also I liked when my pops and I got to relax and have time together which was rare when he worked like a plow horse and there were s many of us littles vying for his off time. The drive up was incredible for me. I was a tree hugger in SoCal who had no clue what I was in for moving to the Pacific Northwest. I had no idea that this would be where I would feel peaceful and comforted outdoors in all the woods I could ever have asked for. When we reached our destination I so vividly remember hopping out of the truck cab and squishing into the carpet of front lawn just thoroughly covered in clover. And the smell that invaded my senses was just exactly like today's. It's so hard to describe but it's kinda like smell of outdoor school, girl scout camp,waking up with the sun on a camping trip and walking to school the last month of the year. I associate it with so many good things in my life that have happened in Oregon. It was the smell I enjoyed on the car ride to the hospital to have my son too now that I think of it. Sometimes it brings thunder and crazy pretty lightening storms in small spurts which is fun ( except I am terrified of thunder). My best friends house was right around the block from me growing up in Portland and when we would hear the rain on her back porch awning on days like today, we would kick off our shoes and go out to dance like fools and puddle stomp till either we were dead tired or the rain stopped. usually the later. Warm spring rain showers are seriously the best. If it pours today I am going to take Aidan the water bug out to play in it.

 I opened all the windows in the house when we got home from running around this morning in hopes of filling my house with that glorious smell. I want to trap as much inside as I can and pray it lingers.

 Isn't it amazing what can trigger a flood of precious thoughts and transport you to another time so long ago? If you live here, go outside and breathe. Close your eyes and tell me you can't think of something this reminds you of.

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