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Monday, May 13, 2013

10 Questions for my dear Jenn!

 This one is fun and easy because she is a real life bestie of mine and though I think I would know how she would answer these, I am always entertained. Miss Jenn Pfaus can be read up over at ( which is a good place to feel momhood comradery if you are in the toddler trenches and need a laugh ). Jenn is a pal of mine that I have known from our wild and single poker days, through our roommate backyard beer pong championship days and now into wife and motherhood days. It's refreshing to have a friend you can turn to and go " Seriously?!" and then they clink glasses with you, nod and smile. In addition to just plain being rad, she is a really amazing Photographer as well ( she is the master eye that captures Aidan in family photos for us without wanting to throw herself on a sword with frustration. It's called being a kid master) you can see here work here  . Cheers to my girl and her answers to my ten Q's. Enjoy.

**One of my favorite throwback pics of us when we were uber fun and childless**

1) If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?

New Zealand. I have always had an itch to go. It's looks so amazingly beautiful. In the US though I am dying to to go Glacier National Park. It's a bucket list goal to hit all of the major national parks with Ozzie before he graduates HS.

2) Favorite food you can cook? 
Mashed potatoes with pan cooked bbq chicken. 

3) Favorite food you go out looking for? 
Pad See Ewe!!

4) What or who inspired you to start your blog? 
I didn't even really read blogs when I started mine in 2009. Mine organically came from being pregnant and wanting to document and keep folks far away included. I had a "blog" my myspace back in the day too, old school.

5) When I read your blog, what should I picture you wearing? 
Check out my #officefashionshow pics on Instagram. Generally I start and/or finish my posts when I have a few minutes at work.

6) OK, you are ten years old. Who is your idol? 
Debbie Gibson or possibly the kids on  Kids Incorported. I was planning in being a star. #fail

7) Favorite song today? 
Ever... Or just for today? I am pretty stuck on the damn Rihanna "Stay" song. I don't even like effing Rihanna so I cannot really explain it.

8) Best (worst) idea for a new reality show? 
Celebrity Dirty Jobs, but REAL celebrities, none of this soap opera star, Disney teens, or from other reality show "celebs". Let's watch Tom Cruise inseminate a cow or Reese Witherspoon clean out a septic tank.

9) Pet peeve? 
Late people... The chronic ones who apparently do not value MY time at all. So rude.

10) If you were a bug, on a wall, watching and event, what kind of bug would you be, where and what would you be witnessing

Hmmm fun question! I'd be a fly watching Kim Kardashian go trough labor. You know she's gonna be a whiny train wreck, especially with Kourtney in her face and all "I did it drug free and pulled the baby out myself". I wanna see the real stuff that E! Will edit out. 

Bravo!!! Number 8? HELLS YES!! Can you picture Kourtney K being told to wash laundry at a cloth diaper company? It would be like " Bible, I am NOT touching those".

** and I do believe #7 is currently Mirrors from good old yet new JT. Just to update accurately to today's date**

Man I love my friends.

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  1. I happened upon yours & Jenn's blogs today and noticed you both mentioned poker. Where did you guys play? If you live around Portland, I'd guess La Center. It's not too often I run into female poker playing bloggers.

    I used to be a poker dealer, and have only played once since I got pregnant (and then had my boy almost 5 months ago). Coincidentally, my son's name is Aiden! This is... getting creepy. ;)