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Friday, May 3, 2013

10 Questions - Canada Edition

 Good Morning Ya'll!!! Today is already 68 degrees and it's currently 9am. But what about where my next guest is? "It's 12:25 & errr....20 degrees Celsius (I don't know what that is in Fahrenheit)" she tells me when I randomly ask it out of the blue.Which may have been a strange question first thing in the morning if it wasn't noon there. Mrs. Alicia Higgison aka @mrshiggison on most social media ( twitter and instagram) aka Higgy to those who love her. You can read her rants and weaves of wit over at lifewithladies and you wont regret following her anywhere online period. This broad is fantastic. She pretty much single handedly changes my opinions of Canadians. Not that my thoughts were set to negative, more like "meh". Now I wanna visit her. And also let our smallest children meet so they can take over the world.

I sent here my current set of weirdo questions and this is what that beautiful brain of hers cranked out. ENJOY!!

1) If I could travel anywhere... I'd go to Finland. I was an exchange student there in 1999-2000 and I love it so. But I'd go in the summer because the weather is perfect and the sun never sets. (As if you couldn't guess- the winter is the EXACT OPPOSITE. Can you picture a world where the sun never rises? That's Finland for 3 months.)

2) Favourite food I can cook is...pork tenderloin and some potatoes on the barbecue wrapped in tin foil with far too much butter. But someone will have to start the barbecue for me. I'm afeared.

3) Favourite food I go out looking for...sushi. I am too damn lazy to make it myself!

4) What or who inspired me to start blogging...I believe the first blog I ever read was Heir to Blair. I've always been a writer, but just never could think of a place to put it all. Then Twitter kind of encouraged me to start a blog like Beth Anne's and the rest, history!

5) When you read my blog, you should picture me wearing...sweatpants, a tank top, a sweater with the sleeves hanging over my knuckles and one sock. I don't know why the one sock, it just always happens and I feel I should be honest. Also you should picture me wearing all the earrings and necklaces I've had on all work day which don't go with at-home garb but I am both fancy and lazy.

6) I'm 10 years old...right now? Like today I'm 10 and who, if I'm 10 right now, is my idol? I would LIKE to say Hillary Clinton because she is a BAMF, but instead I'll be realistic and say like Emma Stone because she's cute and famous and rich and gets to kiss Ryan Gosling a lot. (If this is not the question you were asking well...I would say I'm sorry but: Ryan Gosling.)

7) Favourite song today is...Carry On by Fun. I just love it so very much. It makes me smile.

8) Best idea for a new reality show...I think it's time for some politics in reality television! How about this new pitch: Follow a Senator! And cameras would like shadow their days which are actually pretty action packed and then he/she would have to answer for all the promises they made on camera on Fox. (I also assume it would be on Fox.)

9) Pet peeve...snapping gum and cracking knuckles and people that play the martyr card.

10) Bug, on a wall, at an event...I would be a fruit fly (those effers never die and you can't catch em) but I'd be the Smartest Fruit Fly Evar, and I would be in the women's bathroom at the Grammys. Can you imagine how catty they would be? It would be amazing.

I trust that you will keep in all my Canadian extra "u"s:)
 You bet your ass I left them in there! It bmakes you, YOU.  

I Googled it!! 20 degrees Celsius is 68 degrees Fahrenheit LOL That kicks ass. They finally have spring! Bravo Canada, bravo.

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