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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A whole bunch of 3's

 So today I turn 33. Next month my incredibly awesome son turns 3. And this is actually one of my favorite numbers. So I am thinking it's going to be a year for the books. I feel like things are looking positive and so much is going well for us as a whole family. The other night after laying the boy down for the night at a somewhat reasonable time, Hubs and I were watching my favorite channel and Iron Chef was on. ::swoon:: I love food. Everything about food. The cooking of food, the shopping for ingredients, and (duh) the eating. So I tell my husband something very serious.

Me: If I ever get terminally ill with something, please contact someone

Kelly: Make a wish foundation ::chuckle::

Me: YES!! and tell them I want to be a guest judge and eat wonderful, mind blowing foods from amazing chefs. ::sigh::

Kelly: I would totally do that for you baby. That WOULD be something you would want.

I am totally serious btw. That is a no-bullshit-request. And he knows me well enough to know I am super serious. And the sweet part is, I think he would call them immediately!!. This conversation made me wonder what my Bucket List would be. So I thought of one and it's really in no particular order. And thought it's a great day to post it. You're welcome.


1) Meet the cast of Mythbusters

2) Be in some kind of major eating contest ( not spicy foods though. I am a total vagina)

3) Publish a book

4) Own a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes

5) Wear said Jimmy Choo shoes in a New York snazzy restaurant

6) Visit the Galapagos Islands

7) Go on a "baby sea turtle rescue" vacation in Cabo

8) Take Hallie to see the Eiffel Tower ( over 18 when she can actually appreciate an international trip)

9) Drive cross-country with my family like a bunch of American Tourists and see all the "Worlds Largest" spots we can

10) Go to culinary school

What would your list include?

Cheers to all my well wishers via social media. I definitely feel the love today.

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