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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


No really, I gotta catch up on the last few weeks. It feels like time is flying by. That saying needs a bit of modification though. It's not always when you're having fun but more like "Time flies when you have tons of shit you are getting accomplished and the kids are growing at a rapid pace and life is chugging along somewhat on track". And part of me wants to slam on the brakes and enjoy this particular chunk of time. When we lived in the old house and had all my pops issues to contend with it was a systematic kind of routine with sporadic emergencies. And in hindsight I feel like it was so damn hard because the battles were not my personal battles but ones I was fighting for him and his needs. It is always far harder to wage war for yourself than for a loved one you are protective of, crazy but true. That piece of life seemed to go along at a snails pace. Every day felt like ten and really, looking back, both my husband and I high five for surviving it all with our marriage in tact. Hellova test I had not thought out completely let me tell you. But Kelly made it. WE made it. That life was eons ago ( less than a year ago) and this life feels like those videos that are really made up of still shots taken every so often to make a time lapsed thing in fast motion. I am pretty determined to blog more but it's hard to enjoy life and really sit down and write about every little bit. 

So, the clips of life include:

  • little brother is out of the hospital after 2 months of healing and he is doing good
  • GlassCast is now available in stores! what? Yes stores!!! Pural
  • just had the best weekend with the girl
  • Aidan is talking more and using photos as currency for the things he wants but can't verbalize ( whole post in the draft process on this topic) 
  • the weather through us some SNOW (wtf) and froze out some of my starts in my greenhouse
  • our raised cedar beds go in this week!
  • stoked for Bunco at my house next month 

 NOW for the main topic of garbage worth putting into the interweb universe. My kid won't stay asleep!!!!! This is reaching levels of panic. He is already taking melatonin to fall asleep every night because the wide awake party of bed jumping and maniacal laughter was really getting to be too much after two months of a very late ( sometimes after midnight) bedtime. Now, however he is waking up at around 3 on average and just being awake. That's it. Rested and wide awake. Holy hell that is sucking for me. I am not in fact wide awake at 3. Or 4 or even 5. Any amazing miracle tips would be incredible. I do not operate well on little sleep. And the dreams are just whacko. I mean seriously, I started journaling them to do a blog post about and I was creeping myself out. I instead Googled what they might mean and then burned said journal.

We are running an average of one actual nights sleep of 8 hours for the kid a week. The rest are about 4-5 hours. Less for the grown ups. Ughh. We have tried tiring him out and feeding him huge meals and baths and all the soothing tips for night time. It's keeping him asleep that is the problem. I feel like this cannot be good for his growth and whatnot.The only good thing is that Hal sleeps right through anything so it doesn't disturb her.

So, tips. Ready go. You can also post stories of extra stupid things you have done because of sleep deprivation. I am journaling those now. Most have been things like putting the milk in the cupboard or salt in my coffee.


  1. Wanna try my red light clock?? Didn't work for Ozzie... but maybe for A??

  2. Anything at this point :) thanks love