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Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Birthday and Snapshots

 Today is little Brothers Birthday. And he is still laid up in the hospital healing and resting and healing and resting. No party for that animal today. So me and the sister and our brown sister from another mister, who happens to be my brosefs bff, went to lunch to celebrate. Sushi and beers and laughs. The correct way for today to be. I found some really fun pictures and also a link to a hilarious blog post that features him and some shenanigans. Enjoy! And have a laugh.

Click pic to read the funny post.

In completely unrelated news, I found one of my favorite self portriats and entered the aptly titled Self Portrait Contest over at  Just for kicks because it's a random drawing type contest ( which means everyone has a shot, not just the hella good photogs) and the pics are all fun to see. I like checking out all the hottie nerdies in my bloggy community. <3 bishes.="" br="" those="">

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