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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The daffodil - Fitness nonsense add-on

 I need to add a side note to the fitness post because I am a whack-a-doodle and forgot all about little miss muffet. While we were at kickboxing and in between classes there wandered in a little lady wearing slacks and a cute blouse topped with a simple black sweatery cardigan. She proceeded to talk to our group of sweaty betties about how awesome this gym is and in her sweet even tones that make Minnie Mouse seem harsh and loud, she went on about what a nice day she had had. Well, that same little woman who has a petite stature and pixie haircut came into the gym wearing pinkest of pink tank top and shorty shorts ( the boxing style shorts  like nad the guy. please see previous post) that she was really swimming in because she is so little. As she worked out along side us giants in black pants that all of us wear no doubt to appear slimmer, she is flitting around like a tiny tyrant and kicking some serious ass. Not, a delicate little flower.

 When it came time to don gloves and she quickly retreated to an office to collect her INCREDIBLY PINK gloves of her own, I died. I could no longer contain it. And almost simultaneously Meleah says "you are too cute!" as I said "you are probably the most lethal because you are so frikken adorable". The response was not a sheepish, impish nod or a sweet "aw shucks, thank you". She glared at us. And we felt like total idiots. And then we laughed. Probably one part nervous laughter because I feel like we are not making friends with the instructors at all. Darnit. I now have to assume that she is one of those girls who loathes being called cute. This situation has no doubt landed us on the shit list and we will probably be punished at some future class by being paired with her so she can pummel us with pretty pink gloves and swift little kicks. We are dead meat.

 I was reminded of all of this when Polly Pocket, as I have dubbed her to myself and now to you, sat off to the side and watched us at last nights class. Unsettling for me because I know my form is whack when it comes to push ups, pull ups, hmmmmm ok most all exercise. I think I should be more self conscious of it, but instead I just laugh at myself and joke about being the first student to knock out her front teeth on the concrete floor by effing up a push up. Which probably makes it easier for the instructors to deem me a lost cause. Bottom line, Polly Pocket scares the shit out of me.

 Also, I almost got Meleah to do a somersault last night.

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  1. BWHAHAHAHAHH!!!! She should lay off the pink if she doesn't want the 'cute' comments.

    Also, let's sign up for a 5k!