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Monday, March 4, 2013

The Monday post of Some Sunday Snark

 It's been a while. But I am still the same old girl I ever was. Just as I hate when people mistake kindness for weakness, I also shake my head when silence is mistaken for compliance. I have been sitting on a stack of hilarity for a while and it just hasn't seemed classy or in good taste at all (yes I do have a gauge for such things ) to post humor of the humiliating type. So I will ease ya'll back into what I do best. We will take it slower than a high school senior on a first date with a Mormon.

 First topic I'd like to touch on ( again, Morm style) is keeping up with the "Felti". It's a tactic I revel in when it is just so predictable and damnit, successful. Often when someone is so bitter about what you have accomplished it's out of jealousy. When you see someone "jacking your style" or literally doing exactly what you are currently doing, sometimes as you are doing it, while they practically watch and take notes, just try TRY to remember that it should be flattering. Especially if it's something you are great at, you already know it. Perhaps that person just wants to do fun stuff too. Look on the bright side. Smile like a totally self centered asshole, because you have that right at this point to do so ( frankly you should do that dance snoopy does too). I have found this mimicry will keep you wanting to do things that will better the world. Like if you are a super awesome volunteer do-gooder, maybe the back up dancers will follow suit? Thus, better for all!! Huzzah!! Does it seem like a trick? Or a game? Nah, Just live life and be happy. Plant a big ass garden because you can. Paint a mural of joy and vivid wonder. Blog more or better yet create a blog of nonsense just because it makes you smile. Even if no one ever reads it, you'll know it's there. Hey, that's what I am doin right now. It works wonders on the soul. Being real and out there and just plain relevant in my world. It feels pretty amazing. Living well really truly is the best revenge.

So instead of letting that odd feeling of being watched bother me, I may as well love it for what it is. I will be helpful and state my Summer goals in fact. Just to lay the canvas and cut out some hard work put in assuming details (when you assume things you make an ass out of "U" and "ME"........well maybe just you).

  • Building my raised beds. From what, I do not know yet. 
  • Planting more veggie starts in our kitchen greenhouse we have going crazy
  • Plan a 3 year olds Birthday ( holy shit, 3? yeah 3)
  • Get our Made in Oregon stuff all set and delivered ( yippee!!!!!)
  • Finish kickboxing classes and move on the dance classes
  • Work with the girl on her science fair project
  • End of the School year party planning with the girl. Cannot believe she is tweening on us next year.

  • 2 family vacation trips
  • girls camping/fishing trip
  • gold panning off the Santiam River 
  • Umpqua hot springs trip
  • 2 major birthday celebrations. Both complete with theme and dress code.
  • Quality time with the girl without Summer sports this year. Thank god.
  • Girl Scout Camp
  • Oregon Brew Fest!!
  •  Pearl District gallery showing
  • Aidan starts school!!!! 
  • Great Wolf Lodge Family Extravaganza!!!
That's all the fun stuff so far. I require this Sun Season be a fun one. The last few have been ho-hum. No way no how.  Plus, I am happiest when we have business of the pleasant variety.

Speaking of sunshine, it's out right now. So I am gonna go get all up in it.


  1. Um can I go on the girls fishing trip please???

    1. Yes. duh :) lets have two if it turns out awesome