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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Working, blogging, working...blogging about working

  I am somewhat glued to the window, heavily distracted, waiting for my favorite people to come by today. UPS!!! (shoutout to my FedEx homies too, but it aint your delivery today) I am so excited. I have new supplies arriving for a handful of custom orders. Creating specialty pieces with personalized touches like birthstones, or initials are kinda becoming a new inspiring part of my job I look forward to. This weekend a lady at our jewelry party sat with me as I sketched out our brainstorm session we had creating a super unique custom piece for her Granny. The grandmother had many children, and even more grandchildren. This gal had decided years ago to start gifting Granny with jewelry pieces that displayed the birthstones of her brood and then later another piece of gem encrusted love with the next generation. This year when she asked Granny for a head count of now GREAT grandchildren the tally was 21 stones. That, is a challenge. To make a one of a kind trinket that is not overwhelmed or complicated with birthstones of every color. Something simple, that is a showcase for her pride and joy. Her babies of her babies babies. So sweet. I got really into it and this woman was right in step with my vision matching her ideas. It really could have gone off track with all those stone colors and the variations are just endless for styles. At last we came to a really cool plan concluding our pow wow. I looked at my drawing and thought to myself  "why had I never come up with that before?" because it was just lovely. It's fun when someone tweaked your perspective a little and you broaden your horizon. I am learning from every client with an idea I didn't come to on my own I would definitely be using this particular design concept again for certain.

  So, now I wait. For my dozens and dozens of pretty little stones. That will light up some silver, add sparkle to some gold. Most important, warm someones heart because someone they love hand picked a one of a kind gift. And I get to be in on it. EEeeeeep I flipping love this stuff. I am fairly certain that this special Granny doesn't read my blog. Which means I can post some peeks at her amazing necklace I will no doubt freak out on and finish tonight after the boy goes to bed. I will post project pics in tomorrows blog. Probably only pictures if I get lots finished!!


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