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Monday, December 3, 2012

Prompt for today: What do you consider yourself a "pro" at?

  I had a major brain stall tonight and am making myself sit for a sec. So, a pro huh? How about cooking? I am a pro at making something amazing out of what we have on hand. Now, it does not hurt that things like real butter, bacon, garlic, onions, pasta, and various veggies are always in our kitchen. Well tonight I had some incredible patty pan squash that a friend grew and bless his heart, gave me tons!!! I tossed these all chunked into a glass casserole dish and roasted them to get a start on a really good squish. Olive oil drizzled and seasoned with salt, pepper and my absolute go-to, Montreal steak seasoning. No shit. I put it on everything. So these are roasting away and I am peeling about 5 potatoes. On the stove in my trusty cast iron stock pot ( thing of the gods I tell you) I am rendering some bacon ( cooking it in no fancy way but render just means melting the fat well) and then saute onions and a tiny bit of garlic in that. Toss in chunked potatoes. Take out squash chunks, toss those in. Pour a whole carton of chicken stock in. Lid on. Cook on med/low for an hour.

 Here's my favorite part. I blend the shit out of it. Until it's the creamiest thing you have ever seen. I use an stick blender but you can pour it in an actual blender. Then, add actual cream. Then stir that like mad for a bit. And MMmmmmmmmm done! Serve with cheese toast and a few roasted asparagus on top. Hells yes.

 Tonight I was a pro at "rabbit out of the hat" style dinner concocting. I will add pics later. I took them just for you guys. :)

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