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Sunday, December 2, 2012

"One of those days" was yesterday

  OK, get ready to laugh at me and do not feel bad about it because I was dying myself. Rofl-ing had I not been in the car. I set off on what I had imagined would be a hella busy day for me. Up early, tend to the kiddos, get my luggage together that contains my whole GlassCast Party world, load my little momma wagon with said gear and head off to an evening of selling goods to pay for our Christmas. Along the way I stop at good ol' T-Bell because frankly 4th meal is an anytime thing with me. And the crunch wrap ( thanks a lot Laura for hooking me like a crack dealer) is the best road food ever. Except popcorn chicken......mmmmmm chicken. Anyhow, I get my lunch and get back on the road. Deliciously perfect handheld noms and basically no traffic. Annnnd then my noms dribble a quantity of beef juice ( I am guessing the taco genius added too much nacho cheese. Apparently there is such a thing when drive-eating) that I could not disguise or ignore. My purple sweater would not be making an appearance as my Crafty Professional attire to the party. Oh, darn, there's Target. So I go in, grab a sweater ( black sparkles, yes please!) and go. Change my sweater in the car and back on the road. I am feeling a little twinge of worry as the highway starts to slow considerably. I called my gal to let her know I would be a touch later to set up than I thought but not to stress because it was all good in the hood ( I didn't say that last part, only thought it). To which she replied "you're way early. Because it's tomorrow". Shiiiiiit. For realz? I couldn't be that stupid right? I took the next exit and paused at a gas station. Checked my calendar while still chatting it up with her about her hostess gift she had in mind. Damnit!!! She had it down as Sunday I had it down as the first. And, clearly those are not the same day. Okay. Talked it out, hahaha oh boy am I silly, see ya tomorrow, yada yada yada. ::sigh:: I am a moron. I called my husband to tell him so. He laughed with me.

   I finished up my Christmas shopping, hit the grocery store and went home. All in a fabulous new sweater.


  1. I love how the younger generation thinks and acts. I never knew the extremes one would go to just to buy a new pretty sparkling sweater...until NOW! Bahahahahha!~ Yes, I am laughing with you. Maybe you can wash your sweater with the stain on it now. :) Enjoy your day honey!!

    1. That last comment was from Jan Templin by the way! I had to select Anonymous because I didn't know what to select to make it post. OLD people. Haha!