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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hump Day Informative - 2

  Here is a twist on the "work" topic. I shall blend it with my Wednesday habit I am trying to keep of adding tips and tools and tricks I have found that work. Right this minute my son is trying to climb my frame and get to my lap. He is trying to tell me something. With no words. Did you know I happen to be a mind reader? That's how I parent so perfectly. Yeah, right, I wish. I have to go off what he usually means and the things that make him happy. Start at the top of my list of that knowledge and attempt one thing after another while he sighs heavily and walked away raising his hands in annoyed disbelief that I would hand him his blankie ( I wonder where he picked up that WTF style behavior? That's just appalling). How could I be so stupid. King Aidan is probably hungry. He is in a growth monster phase and is ALWAYS starving to death. Food is an awesome topic for today!! Huzzah!! I have so many things to list but I will go with the most clever tool I found the other day.

  So picture this, I am trying to cram some work into my day that is quickly just getting sucked away from me. I'm sure every Mom has that happen. Where you look around and it's like 4:30 or something and your all "where the eff did my time go? " followed by "geez it looks like I haven't done shit all day". The thing I like to remember at that point is that the kid is alive and happy and I have not had to call the fire department. So all is great by that measure. Anyhow, so I am sitting with my laptop and going over orders, adding shipping info, replying to emails and dude is literally climbing me. For food. So my brain was all " how to I keep him occupied for like 15 more minutes so I can finish this?". I was like " good question".  So I go for his Cheerios as a snack staple. Suddenly I remembered that I had found the Easter baskets while digging out my 345 Christmas decor tubs ( not boxes people, big ass rubbermaid tubs) and I ran downstairs. I gathered about 6 ridiculously neon colored plastic eggs and stuffed about ten cereal loops into each. Snapped these puppies together and brought a tray full to the boy. He shook each one for the longest time before opening gingerly and smiling when he saw treats. This seriously lasted 35 minutes!!!!! I was toked for a few reasons. The one I wish I could say sparked this idea out of brilliant child guiding genius instead of necessity for productivity and pacifying my kid. Because it sounds so much better to pretend I created this game for skill building and brain development. But that would be a lie. And I know there are more Moms sitting and trying to get things done.

 My son has some habits that stem from autism that this activity was great for. Double bonus. Aidan is a food stuffer. He crams his mouth completely full. Not great. So this also forced him to slow down and take his time. A skill he needs to learn.

Voila!! A work/child trouble-shoot for you.

My pal Jenn has posted a a jewelry craft tutorial I concocted for her Guest Post spot today. So here it that for you as well. Triple Bonus day!

Cabochon Necklace Tutorial 

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