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Friday, December 7, 2012

Brainstorming new ways to expand my skillzzzzz

   Last night was a very productive nights sleep for me. Granted, I did most of that sleeping in a race car bed with a boy who had a fitful night. But, I had great dreams where I was spot on with planning new ventures for GlassCast. Sometimes my brain does best when left alone and not prodded for ideas. Apparently I sleep-work. Which is just another item on the long list of reasons I could never use Abien. Sleep soldering doesn't sound safe in the slightest ( I did just mentally wander off thinking about what I would create if I sleep soldered ). My dream epiphany was to start teaching small private jewelry classes. Which, is a great idea! Go me!

  For the bulk of this morning I photographed and listed new items I have made in the last week. Very productive morning for me. Usually I take pictures and only get so far on one day. Then I finish the photo taking if I can squeeze it in another day. Then I add the pics to the computer and list maybe one or two items. Then another day I list more. Today, was a good day. Probably the 4 cups of coffee I have had but eh, what can ya do. Now, I have time during nap to brainstorm about my dreamt up classroom. I have a few ideas of what to make and how to get single student, single project portions of supplies. Then someone goes home with a skill AND the tools to recreate what they made again later. I am selling skills! I am also excited because this made me realize I miss teaching. Yes, I know teaching Pre-K is totally different than teaching soldering silver to adults. It's exciting to work with a group that is eager to learn. I think this could be amazing!

  I am very busy with orders until Christmas which is a major blessing.

If you live in the Portland Metro area and want to know more about the classes I will be offering, please feel free to comment with your email and I will send you some information!!

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  1. I love this! And sleep thinking is a serious skill that a lot of professionals have learned to really hone.

    Super excited for your new venture. And I may just take you up on one of those classes very soon.