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Monday, December 10, 2012

Lazy Lazy Lazy

  I am lagging in the post department but I did get crazy ambitious and plan out my classes for January, so I think it's a draw. Today I do next to nothing. My kids are both home ( no school today, cuz that's what we need is LESS days in class ::sigh:: damn budget cuts) and we had an amazing breakfast frittata If you have never made on you should. easy and incredible tasting) and now the boy is down, the girl is playing with make up and being quiet, and I can blog and work a bit. Then my sis and I are taking the kids to finish up the last of the holiday shopping. Just a low key stress free day. Feels amazing given the business of this season. I wish it was less "hustle and bustle" and for "chestnuts roasting on an open fire".

  One work item that is in need of posting. I am holding a raffle for a glorious prize!! A family tree pendant. A few of my amazing blogger pals have already done this so I want to thank them and open up the contest to anyone else that wants to join in. If you have a product we have made and post about it, or you like our stuff and you do some sort of review or even a Holiday List of goodies and we are on it ( this is what a couple folks did and I love the idea) I will add your name to our drawing! Just send me a link to your blog either in the comments of this post or email Thanks to my lovely friends who have already said such nice things about what I do!! You guys are the best. And I really cannot say it enough, because it's so true. A good word goes a long long way.

  Have a Happy Monday!!!

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