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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Networking and Nostalgia

 I am pretty ok at writing about my day. What I am lacking however, is the ability to do much more than cut and paste things into my blog. I love my Jenn because she helps me look and feel less uber dumb with this blog. In fact, when she gets home and settled I will pick her brain about a few things I want to learn. And she will tell me how easy it all is without making me feel like a complete newb-tard. I should be better at all this. And I am having some serious deja-vu sometimes like I learned stuff and having a kid actually erased knowledge. I thought that myth was only true to an extent and didn't just continue for life. But as I log in, attempt to write some codes to add some little doo-dad, I am blank. Dumb. Stuck. So, I do what I always do at that point. I go get more coffee and forget what I was doing. Start playing with my kid, and then forget to blog at all that day!! Bah!

 Fun story instead of the topic I was going to write about. Which I started, read, and realized it read like shitty instructions for some super stupid Ikea furniture. And the mood was like I got the furniture as a gift or had to assemble it for someone else. Not like I was stoked on a sweet deal and thrilled to own it. So, scratch that. Anyhow. Funny story. So while looking for Christmas boxes I came across so so so many boxes simply marked "Shannon" in sharpie. Dangerous. Of course I looked inside. Of course it felt like I lost all track of space and time and was teleported back to days of youth and silliness. ( and screw you spell check for not knowing what teleporting is. pshhh, of all my other grammatical errors and you pick on that?) So in these boxes I found these fun items. Have a laugh at my past with me. Ready go.

  • One shoebox crammed to the point of needing tape to hold it shut, with love letters never sent to crushes and boyfriends from age 12 on up. 
  • Troll dolls to the tune of a dozen. All sizes. Some with treasures. One set of bride and groom.
  • Jewelry box with stuff gifted to me and probably never worn. Thanks Granny and Mom!
  • Newspaper clippings from my modeling days. Teddy bear backpacks were hella glamorous.
  • A Barbie I didn't know I owned. 
  • Three starts to interesting novels. Not horrible actually. I had a vividly passionate imagination in my twenties. I should really finish one or two of those. I'll see your Edward and raise you a handsome neighbor that is a mechanic who rescues main character on the side of the road in a rainstorm when her car dies. Strategically located gentleman with skills and excellent timing? Boom, Best seller.
  •  Framed pictures of pets from my youth. 
  • An extensive silly keychain entangled into one large mass of metal and neon tags with filth, 90's catch phrases and completely relevant movie quotes.
  • A collection of miniature things including a teeny can of vienna sausages for what had to be a dollhouse, a totem pole, compete ceramic tea set, a German soldier boy, and a christmas tree that measures 4 inches tall. 
  • Turtles of all shapes, sizes, and origin. Avon crystal perfume bottles all the way to beanie babies. That's what happens when you really like something. Everyone gets that thing for you for any reason. ( I really love that collection. Years of memories.) 
  • A stack of school pictures with the token " LLASA" or "Stay cool, I'm so glad we're friends" written on the back from when we would swap in class. The best part is the ones that repeated every year. Not the quotes, the kids. I cherish knowing the same awesome people for so many years. Gives me a good gauge on myself when I can look back and see the same faces I see today. Hey, if my childhood besties haven't given up on me that means I am still a good person and at least cut from the same kick ass cloth I was back then. Not much has changed. Everything has changed. 
  •  VHS tape of Die Hard? WTF
  • Souvenirs from international adventures. 
  • Dried flowers from lord knows what. Obviously really important and sentimental ( what a girl move eh?) 
  • A "slam Book" I stole from some popular bitches in Jr High.
  • A new one my friends and I made about those same girls.
  • My prehistoric GameBoy 
  • Keys to every place I have ever lived where I had my own key. 
Crazy the shit we hang on to. 

 P.s. I think it's due time for some reminiscing. I gotta call some girls today and remind them that I still really love turtles.

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