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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Style coveting, also known as peer shopping.

 Oi. I have fallen in love with a several outfits my new pal Abby has posted so I am literally style stealing. But, I think it's ok to share because she still get credit for it. Now, I need to learn how to make these combos and post into a category I will name " If I had a million dollars, I'd buy you a green dress".

Here ya go. Now you can drool like I did. Two that made my day.

Fall is Here

T shirt

Vanessa Bruno shopper handbag
$160 -

Metal jewelry

Long crystal earrings

Tory burch

Herm├Ęs folding umbrella

Bonfire Beauty

Joseph long sleeve top
$390 -

Knit pants

Layla Amber chain necklace
$26 -

Chan luu jewelry

Banana Republic circle scarve

Pendleton Motor Blankets

First and Forest Mug


  1. ummmm, what about those boots from the first outfit. i love them. and want them. also eveytime i stop by your blog i get 'Kung Foo Fighting' Stuck in my head. thanks for that. kinda. not really.

    1. Roxana & Shannon - lets meet for coffee and I can give you a pass to the Columbia Sportswear Employee Store so you can buy a pair. Sorel makes them but Columbia owns Sorel and I believe they have them in store...If not they are definitely online :)

      And WOW Shannon - Thanks for sharing the love!

      Everyday with Hazel Mae

    2. Absolutely!! Will you teach me how to make these outfit collages?! I am addicted to scouting yours lol