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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Belly Laughs and Swoons

  This kid cracks me up more than anyone I can ever remember being funny ever. Ever. He is sitting next to me right this minute, eating chicken nuggets ( and my onion rings he stole) and humming a tune. Every now and then he shrieks like an 80's hair band lead singer and squints and points powerfully to anything and nothing. And goes back to a semi silent hum. I have no clue. I just enjoy it so so much. And his leg HAS to be touching my leg. Kinda sweet.

    So,  I have used my amazing camera for pro pics of the things I create in my shop. That's the main reason I got it to begin with. Great pics sell more product, it's just a fact. That being said, you know I love chasing Aidan all over the house begging him to smile. That's a real event. It happened this morning. And this is what I got out of it. You should really take a minute to pee before you look directly at this goof, there I warned you.

He is ridiculous.

So, after peeing myself laughing at my findings, I let him do his thing for a while and forget I was paparazzi-ing him. I really enjoy snapping shots of the beast in his natural habitat like a sniper photog out in the wild someplace. That tends to be when I get the sweet relaxed oblivious boy faces I love best. And a big bowl of loops sidetracks him just enough to do just this.

Geez I love that face.

I think for the sake of hilarity I am going to go back through all the outtakes I have archived and just do a solid picture post that will result in belly laughter and face pain from smiling so hard. 

Speaking of laughter, I have to share a couple random things that made me "WTF" this week.

First, while driving home from the grocery store, my sis and I saw a lady pushing a shopping cart wayyyyyyyyyy far from where it originated. Which made me think aloud " That is some commitment pushing that so far. Those carts have the stop-brake thingy that locks up a front wheel at the edge of the parking lot". So, either it's determination or stupidity that made her want to work harder to get those groceries home. Crazy.

Then secondly, today, I saw a really unfortunately shaped man sitting at the bus stop.On a folding chair? I was at a light that takes approximately 45,997 years to let my lane turn and it was enough time to watch the bus arrive, the man-tato to get up, unstick the chair from his ass, fold it up and take it onto the bus with him. Genius? Or lazy weirdo?

Baffling. Yet awesome.


  1. Awesome! What camera do you use? I am thinking it's time to upgrade to a costy cam but one I can keep in Auto for a while too. Cameras aren't interesting! I know this but still whatcha shootin with? And #2 = Awesome on that GENIUS chair man! I like-a his style! And yours. ps i shouted you out on the old blog today so check it. xo

  2. I am rockin my trusty Sony a330 with a few specialty lenses. I live it. I can use it on so many auto settings or, get crazy manual if I want. I got a mega deal on it so it was a must.

    Thanks for the love on your blog! That warms my heart :)