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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pictures are hard people.

I seriously love this time of year for so many reasons. The major one has got to be the colors. I mean, what other season gives a more dynamic backdrop for outdoor pictures? None. So, when I take to the neighborhood with my kid to get some sweet shots at the park, I am a happy camper. Our trees are going off!! Totally amazing yellows reds and oranges with scatterings of conifers. Perfect scene setting. Perfect for my kid to run a muck and not make direct eye contact with my damn lens once. Not even once. ::sigh:: Comes with the autism territory so it's not like it's any sort of new shock or a mood I can joke him out of. He just does what Aidan does. And today what Aidan wanted to do was pick up and inspect every single pine cone and gross apple that has fallen. I like to follow him around and snap away. Usually out of about 150 pics there are a half dozen keepers, and a few candid crazies that are worth lugging the camera around to capture. I do have those moments where I wish my son was a posing "sit still when told to" kind of child who I could position perfectly at the base of his favorite huge tree and get low to the ground so the angle makes the entire shot look so epic. No. I am really just making sure he doesn't wander into the creek or eat worms. I did get some keepers so, since I made a personal goal to do so, I will post them.

 I still love all the randoms I get of him but I also really love sneaking pics of his little sausage toes too so, yeah. We have family photos coming up soon and I do hope Jenn can capture him like last year. If you watched the shoot that caught that awesome set of snaps, it looked like a parental sideshow behind her as we made sounds and faces like mad people. Well worth looking looney.

When I was romping around outside I stumbled through like ten bazillion mushrooms. What the heck is up with that?? I am not talking two or three clusters of the same type either. We have 9 varieties out there! I wish I knew if we could eat them or not. I'd post up at the farmers market with the quantity our lawn is providing. I took pictures of that too because I can sometimes exaggerate and this is proof it isn't one of those times. Pretty cool I think. As long as they don't kill anyone, I am fascinated.

I also dare ya'll to nerd out and find the names of these suckers. :)

Those whiteys look like straight up store bought nonsense right there. I just don't get it. Why did our yard get all the spores?!?

And, because I was blown away I took a comparison shot of this last monster shroom. I am fairly sure Smurfs or Mario & Luigi or something is worth referencing here. ( pretend my Uggs are awesome or ignore them)

SEE!!!! Told you.

You're welcome.

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  1. i think the red with white dots are poisonous. maybe some of them are magical as in they will get you high. dont test them though! lol