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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I have the best two jobs

    Mainly my job is Mom. I am President of that company and my hours are pretty intense. My kids are great. Mostly. And their antics are manageable. One tipping into tween land faster than I can type and one toddler with some delays and specialties that keep me on my toes. But my other job is pretty cool too.

   I am blessed with a strange drive to just make things. It annoys the shit out of my friends mom because she is a self proclaimed craft failure ( she isn't that bad really. Too hard on herself). I have to admit, my favorite praise for anything I create is from her. And it always sounds like an insult. "Are you kidding me?!" or my personal favorite is "Oh I so hate you". She has told me a million times that I am lucky I have the artistic ability I have. And I agree. I know she loves me and what I do and she loves to tell me how she wishes she could paint, draw, sculpt, silver smith ect., like me. That may sound vain and snobby. I am just saying I know I have these skills and when people like her tell me those things it does strike a chord and make my heart happy. I appreciate my gifts. And I am grateful that I get to do my craft for a living. I thank people like Liz for telling me bluntly that they love what I can do, and to keep doing it. I honestly think she would be pissed and kick my ass if I stopped.

  Lately I have been making a lot of custom pieces that are personal and special. I stumbled on this idea by total accident and felt like a stupid genius. I was already making stacking rings with silver and gemstones which led to birthstone stacks for Moms and Grams. And then it hit me, letters and stones? Awesome. So here are a few pics of what has been cooking in my super shop after kids are sleeping.

   I really love making things. Especially when someone else takes one look and swoons because it's what they had in mind and love it. That makes it worth it. I get just as excited as they do. That probably sounds so silly to some people. But I bet if you made something with your own two hands and love and time, be it food or a craft or what, you would understand what I'm saying.

  Everyone should take some time to make something, anything, for someone else. See if it doesn't make you feel good.


     Just get dirty and craft something. It's really good for you. Mind and soul.


  1. I love making things too! And isn't it great to just be able to pore your creativity into something? Love the rings :)

  2. These are awesome.

    I love to create. Even a silly pair of leg warmers. I NEED that time.