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Monday, April 9, 2012

What is that movie called?

The beginning of this entry has been edited from it's original format that contained a highly informative summary of a movie. This has been removed because it is one of my all time favorites and I'd rather it not pop up on someones list of favorite movies. :)

At what point in real life do you tell a grown ass woman to get her own identity and stop being a creepy copy cat? I mean, it's one thing to have similarities. But when a person on a strict diet regiment for years suddenly proclaims that bacon is something they can't live without, it's just laughable. Like the look-over-your-shoulder-for-a-psychopath kinda funny I guess. Maybe I am being super judgmental when I should be flattered. I am really not that exciting. My life is only awesome because it's mine and I don't really care who is watching me have a fantastic time living it ( though it is unsettling when you realize someone has been paying closer attention to you than Big Brother). Sure guys think a chick who eats bacon is sexy. I eat bacon because it is the candy bar of meats. Always have. Not because someone else likes it. It makes me hesitate to blog about what I love or things I am doing. I will still do so, because I like to blog about things I find awesome. That is how I roll.

I think it would be scary to be thirty something and not know who you really are. It makes me grateful for all the leaps I took and missteps and learning I did in my twenties ( not that anyone is ever done learning. You'd have to be dead for that to be true. Anyone that thinks they know all they need to is a ridiculous arrogant bastard). You have to do things yourself and make messes yourself and be honest and true to yourself ( that is really the key. Being honest enough to admit fault. If you can't do that you will never humble yourself enough to learn a damn thing) and then maybe when you look back you will just know how to meet your own needs. Hopefully when you sit down and think about it, you will really like who you are. And not need to be a carbon copy of the next thing that walks by and gets a compliment that you feel you deserved.

I guess the big picture is that there are a gazillion people in the world and no one needs to be focused on any one persons every move. Well, actually there are certain types who get fixated on a single human and duplicate their habits and likes and then their style of dress and maybe start collecting hair for some voodoo doll and follow them to get the picture. Yeah those people are deranged and end up in prison more than likely. Movies are made after these types of weirdos for a reason. That shit is crazy.

I guess the bottom line is that I am not flattered. I am embarrassed for her. And I wish she'd pick up a "How To" book and find a genuine hobby of her own. It's just getting old.

In other news, the Shamrock Run was amazing. Easter was great. I have a couple funny things to backtrack and post but I jotted them in my journal so I totally have the details saved. Alas I am sleepy. I will post the funnies next I promise. And they are slightly off color and offensive as always.