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Saturday, March 17, 2012

I may be kinda fat. But I am still hella awesome.

I laugh at that because the only person allowed to call me fat is me. I may be heavier than I used to be ( news flash most of us are) and I may not do a 9 min mile ( I still loathe that pregnant lady who was preaching about that) and I may drink beer ( HAPPY ST PADDY'S DAY) but I am ok with myself. Me myself and I have an understanding. Life is tough, busy and complicated. So I refuse to add to my stress by flipping out about my jiggly parts. I have the power to get a walk/run in when I can. So if I choose to sit on my ass when the boy is asleep and someone else is home, that is my own fault. So, I am doing the Shamrock Run to get out there and have fun moving around. I love my running friends so why not. It's my favorite holiday, the t-shirts are my favorite color ( green) and at the end they give you a big fat beer. It's like a very enthusiastic spirit day. I am excited. My sis is a trooper and I convinced her to do it with me and my home girls.

The things that make me smile today:

I like that I have curves after having Aidan. Time to tighten them up.

I am really excited for the RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! run in Washington this fall. One word. Zombies!!

The people I heard were calling me fat jiggle a hellova lot more than I ever have. I have a healthy relationship, no make that a romance, with food. So they can be jealous and suck it. Plus ( just to be an asshole I have to point this out) if i ever let myself go and don't care how big I get, I will still have a pretty face ( that I was born with, not aftermarket stuff that still misses the mark) and awesome personality ( which you just can't buy).

I am a very tired stay at home mom/ house wife/caregiver to the cranky elderly and I can still say I love my family. And I am important, loved and needed.

And gosh darn it, people like me. :)

It is a good day. The sun is out. And I am ready for tomorrow!! I will even post pics of our awesome outfits.

Now to go line up my Kick Ass playlist for the five miles of rad.

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