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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Eat, Drink and Be Awesome!

I am obviously excited or I wouldn't even be awake right now. Well, I would have done the wake up go back to sleep thing thanks to Aidan, like usual, but ya know what I mean. So it's the morning of our girls trip to Newport for the Seafood and Wine Festival. YAYYYY! And I am feeling pretty set to go. Already. At 6:30 am. Yep. I am excited. I do need to medicate Dad and hug him ( and remind him not to be a total jackass for my husband). But other than that, I am good to go. I set up everyones schedule for Kelly, got all packed, organized dads pills down to the dosage cups, and I didn't even forget to print out my Etickets ( which sadly has been a problem in that past and thank god some will-call offices have printers). ahhhhhh.

Now, I wait for our carpool buddy and think of things I should bring and talk myself out of them.

I have been looking forward to this weekend for so many reasons. I get to hang out with my sister for the first time in a looong time on an outing. I am baby free for a whole night!! That never happens ( this is actually the first night I have left the house overnight since Aidan was born). I will be free of Dad responsibilities!! That one is huge because he will appreciate me when I come back ( there has been a bit lacking in the please and thank you department to say the least). And the best part is that the group is all good times girls. Not a catty bitch in the bunch. Non of them are going with this year. And honestly, may not go with us again after if this rocks like I think it will. The group that sucks can just go together and have a self righteous bitch retreat for all I care. This is all good times. Period. No, exclamation point!

*sigh* Let the games begin!!! Have a great weekend. I know I will.

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