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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The good stuff

Last night Aidan was his normal wonky, silly, punchy, tired self. Walking in circles singing a song only he understands while intermittently belly laughing at his own cleverness. Every once in a while flying his animal flashcard of a narwhal like a plane. These are the evenings that Bon and I love so much. Just relaxing and watching the toddler show that is my kid in a great mood. He likes to climb up on his slide and check that we are watching and then go down on his tummy. Afterwards he stands up, sticks his belly out and waddles around with his grumpy face and grunts till we laugh. Then he laughs. It is all just awesome. My favorite is when he holds his hands behind his back and strolls around the house all casual like an old man. I have no clue where he picked that up.

Our new bedtime schedule has been working for a bit and is now a two part pass off operation. I brush kids teeth and Dad sings him a song and tucks him in. Voila. Goodnite. Some nights we hear singing or giggling as he lays in bed, but at least he now stays in bed and has a nap/night balance that actually works and is predictable. Not very many mornings where we find him behind the door with 78 blankets like a nest.

Last night was the best. We got him all ready for bedtime and he was saying ni-night to me with a little group hug. And as usual he shyed away from a smooch like a punk, just to be funny. So I kissed Daddy. Aidan smiled a very mischievous grin and with both hands, one on each parents nape of neck, he pushed our faces together to make us smooch again! And laughed! He thought this was so fun he tried to do it over and over. It made him not want to smooch us at all but was sooooo cute. I enjoy these sweet lovey moments ( to the point of tearing up and wanting to document them asap) because Aidan is not a particularly affectionate kid. He hugs by throwing an arm around your leg while you're cooking or something. Or climbs up to sit by you on the couch. But not a huge demand to be picked up or cuddled. In fact quite the opposite. He often tries to wriggle free or turn a hug into a wrestling match. That is just how he is made. I like it. I would rather this than have the needy whiny clingy boy. I am not that kind of mom. Which brings me to my next question/thought. I often wonder, was he just this way by nature? Or did I nurture him into an independent non-hugger? Probably some of both I guess.

The Mom and Dad smooch puppets happened again today when sissy came over. I like this new trick. Shows his sweet side. Unless he is just reeeeaalllly enjoying being able to slam our heads together. :)

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