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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Story Books and Interesting Characters

Yay for awesome finds!!

Board Books | Hullabaloo Stories | Custom Stories for Your Family

I am pretty excited about the possibilities here. I have been pondering a children's book for a long while. This would be a place I can order special ones for the boy with all my crazy story ideas.

I will of course keep you posted on the progress. They have some awesome ideas for photo books so baby will learn faces and names of loved ones you may not see often. Keeps everyone familiar to the little ones.

*sigh* I love great mommy finds like this.

And I also love Ed Warner. An amazing artist that has drawn my Aidan as his super kid alter ego Boogerman!! Here is his adorable image as only she can create. ( yep it's a she) Almost complete. This is the most recent sneak preview she sent me.

I will always promote good artists when I can :) So go check out her other fun projects and things you can buy here

and here

Ahhh a day of shameless plugs :) Now to go get crafty.

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