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Thursday, February 2, 2012

A friendly reminder of what "the good the bad and the ugly" really means

I would like to apologize. Let me be crystal clear though, so as not confuse you. If you stumbled upon this blog while searching for something else, I am sorry. This is a rant column of sorts. Where I pour into words these things I feel. If I am annoyed, or elated I blog. If I am excited, terrified, or confused. I write how I feel. I write my opinion of my life. If you are offended it is your right to look away, turn the page, and not come back. I invite you to exercise this right of yours. This is not being read aloud to you at gun point. Avert your eyes.

There are so many things that happen every day that are so un-blog-worthy. I do sift through the nonsense and write when the mood strikes me. Mostly when I think things are funny. Even the annoying can be funny. The best way to deal with the things you cannot change is to laugh and move forward. So here we are. Where I do that.

Some real life shit is not so funny. Like the pretty major cancer scare we had with Dad. Yesterday we got the results back and he is in fact, still all clear. We are still almost 6 years cancer free! Yayy! He still has a collapsed lung. What's that? You don't remember me saying he had that going on? Oh. Yeah. I didn't blog about it because it's real shit I didn't find funny. And I almost always write about the terrifying after the dust settles and I am done crying. And, I have found that those are the moments I need to lean on real people in person. My amazing friends carry me through my times of heartache. My blog is here when I am ok. I try to keep this space light.

My opinion is just that. And those that know me understand where I come from with those opinions. If you don't know me at all, this blog may confuse you. But the truth is that anyone can wander around the internet and find things that anger them. It's a personal choice to keep reading. If something I write gets under someones skin, then maybe they have more going on in their own head then they are willing to embrace. Like for instance, if I was reading about a perfect parent and all the things their incredible kids do correct and awesome, maybe it would drive me crazy because I know that isn't me. But it's something I would love to be better at.

Life is complicated. We all have things or people we have to interact with that we'd rather avoid. Just make the best of it all because if you can't shake it off and move forward, you just waste time dwelling. And that's usually done alone. Which is super boring and depressing.

Laugh, and move forward. In other words, get over it.

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