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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Soap Box ? Wash your mouth out after.

Watching television is getting slightly depressing. Just observing what the majority of celebrity people call marriage. The old values have vanished. The example set nowadays makes me think they are treating wedded unity as they would high school dating. Their solemn vow is the equivalent of a cheesy promise ring. Going through boyfriends like tissues is one thing, but if you get married shouldn't it just mean more? I personally feel like it should be forever if you are willing to say yes to the dress. It's not prom people. Though I do see some that get divorced and then try college guys like they just ditched that high school flame that flickered out. I know, I know, I am not in their shoes blah blah blah. I personally think Hollywood treats marriage too lightly thus setting a poor example for our youth ( not to mention making cheaters feel justified for leaving their husbands, because let's face it, everyone is doing it). Which brings me to my next rant. Scandalous bitches .

Yep. You read it correctly.

OK, let's play a game. Everyone raise your hand. Now, if you have dated someone who cheated on you, put down your hand. Alright, if you have had your boyfriend led away by a girl who was more easy, put your hand down. Okay, if you had your husband leave you for someone else, put your hand down. And if you have had emotional or physical relationships or encounters with someone you even thought was involved with someone else, leave your hand up and make a fist. Now, punch your own face because you are a whore.

Sometimes Karma comes back around and does that for you though. There really are all kinds of consequences for being a trollop. The one that should make the most impact should be how it makes you, the hoochie, feel inside. Used, empty, less than important, secret, point is that you should have some kind of conscience that will kick in and make you feel something. Unfortunately, though there are woman who can just go through the day home-wrecking with a smile and not see anything wrong with it. Even worse, they may act completely validated. Until one day, a woman shows up unannounced on their doorstep. And deliver a very satisfying amount of hurt right back as though returning it to sender.

I guess if you are waltzing in and out of marriages, yours and others, you should look over your shoulder continuously. Because Karma may send you a visitor. And she'll probably be pissed.

At the end of the day, those that refuse to find inner happiness will never truly be happy with anyone or anything. It starts inside. Do not take your cues from what the media makes famous. What is great for magazine sales and TV ratings is not at all great in the real world. Sad truth of people we idolize.

Married alarming numbers of times
  • Brigham Young, Mormon leader, married 19 times.
  • Prophet Muhammad, married 12 times, including to a nine year old.
  • Joseph Smith, Mormon founder, married at least 12 times.
  • Mickey Rooney, actor, married 9 times.
  • Bonnie Lee Bakely, murdered wife of Robert Blake, married at least 9 times.
  • Jennifer O'Neill, actress, married 9 times.
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor, occupation uncertain, married 8 times.
  • Elizabeth Taylor, actress, married 8 times.
  • Larry King, talk show host, married 7 times.
  • Stan Laurel, Laurel and Hardy, married 7 times.
  • Lana Turner, actress, married 7 times.
Married six times
  • Louis Armstrong, jazz musician, married 6 times.
  • Fred Berry, played ReRun on What's Happening, married 6 times.
  • Rex Harrison, actor, married 6 times.
  • Henry VIII, King of Britain, married 6 times.
  • Hedy Lamarr, actress and inventor, married 6 times.
Married five times
  • Tony Curtis, actor, married 5 times.
  • Clark Gable, actor, married 5 times.
  • Eva Gabor, actress, married 5 times.
  • Josephine Baker, actress and spy, married 5 times.
  • Idi Amin Dada, Ugandan dictator, married 5 times.
  • Geraldo Rivera, dumbshit reporter, married 5 times.
  • Boris Karloff, actor, married 5 times.
  • Larry Flynt, pornographer, married 5 times.
  • Henry Fonda, actor, married 5 times.
  • George Foreman, boxer, married 5 times.
  • Rita Hayworth, actress, married 5 times, including to Orson Welles.
  • Dennis Hopper, actor, married 5 times, once for just eight days.
  • John Huston, director, married 5 times.
  • Jerry Lee Lewis, singer, married 5 times, including his 13 year old cousin.
  • Richard Pryor, comedian, married 5 times.
  • Ginger Rogers, actress, 5 times.
  • Kenny Rogers, country musician, married 5 times.
  • George C. Scott, actor, married 5 times.
  • Billy Bob Thornton, married 5 times.
  • Tammy Wynette, singer Stand By Your Man, married 5 times.
Married four times
  • Brigette Bardot, actress, married 4 times.
  • James Brown, Hardest Working Man in Show Business, married 4 times.
  • Glen Campbell, singer, married 4 times.
  • Doris Day, actress, the only virgin that's been married four times.
  • Al Goldstein, pornographer, married 4 times.
  • Ernest Hemingway, author, married 4 times.
  • Lorenzo Lamas, actor, married 4 times.
  • Peggy Lee, singer, married 4 times.
  • Elizabeth Montgomery, actress, married 4 times.
  • Liza Minnelli, married 4 times.
  • Jason Robards, actor, married 4 times.
  • Frank Sinatra, Chairman of the Board, married 4 times.
  • Barbara Walters, interviewer, married 4 times.
  • Jane Wyman, actress, married 4 times including to Ronald Reagan.
Married thrice

I am not even going to bother listing the harlots. We all know Angelina is the worst. And it's sad that some still want to be just like her. Face it ya'll, this aint the days of Hackers or even Pushing Tin.

Uggh. Just grossed out lately with it all. Sorry for the earful. Well, not really.

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