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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cellular Friends

I have caved in to the world of the iphone. Which is huge since I truly believed that it was a snobby/ hipster thing. It is, but that's really only half the iphone population. The other half consists of people like me. The cool moms and dads ( shutup, I am still hella cool) who noticed a new model of phone came out that was awesome and also a really great deal, at the very convenient time of upgrade eligibility with our service provider. Thus granting me iphone privileges. I became hooked on the idea when I played a game on my sisters phone to the point of almost being annoyed that she wanted to take it with her when she went home. I mean, seriously, I was two seconds from leveling up. Sheesh. So I guess it's very true that I got mine for the games. Wouldn't really surprise anyone that knows me. I am a dork when it comes to loving video games with reckless abandon. I was tossed into the cell phone equivalent of a green tube porthole that takes you into a more challenging underground level, which I was excited about because I kick ass at dodging Piranha Plants. When I started playing certain games I noticed the amount of people I know that are geeky. It's incredible how many wordy nerdy folks I can now play against. The best part is that these are pick-up-where-you-leave-off type games that I can play throughout the day when I am in a moment of quiet ( ha!) or when OPB is becoming my personal alphabet repetition hell. I am currently battling 7 people and crushing some with words like POOH for 45 points!! I got my husband hooked too, which is funny at bedtime when we look exactly like the poster couple of our generation. Not reading in bed like the good ol days, but gaming each other only inches apart. Oh technology.

Christmas brought some toddler tech toys for the boy. He is a nerd in training for sure. His new love is his baby mp3 boombox, which is AMAZING. This has the mp3 download ability of an ipod but a shape that is little guy friendly and to ice the cake, a hold button that locks the front navigating side of the device so he cant advance or rewind or crank the volume to 27262555 by himself. Forces him to listen to The Band Perry all the way through and swoon at his girlfriend crooning to him. I am not ashamed of plugging products that have earned it ( just as I freely bash the shittastic ones I find stupid).

I am including his awesome list of tiny tot tech stuff so you can get a feel for how I spoil the boy. You know why I do it? Because I can. And because I have one chance with the one boy I will ever have. And because I thought of getting some really extravagant stuff and did not. It is also no secret that I find screaming deals on everything I buy. I mean everything. I pretty much refuse to pay full price.

Discovery Kids Boombox mp3 player

Leapfrog Chat and Count Phone

Fisher Price Apptivity case for iphone

The last item pictured is an awesome find for any little kid obsessed with your iphone ( I have not ruled out other smart phones fitting into this yet). It does look a bit baby-ish but the important part for me is the special panel on the bottom that blocks the home key. Major selling point for me. Doesn't hurt that a few free learning Apps are included. The spoiling doesn't stop there. My sister happens to have a fully functional, now prehistoric, iphone that she is gladly donating to the cause. This will give an 18 month old an iphone. *sigh* oh well. It is recycling. Sort of.

On to juicer catch-up material. I figure while the boy is dancing to his downloaded Gym Class Heroes tunes I will cover all the bases. My dear 9 yr old is so full of questions lately. A mini soul searcher. She is so observant that it actually helps me out tons. I have to shed very little light on any of the garbage Voldemort stirs up. For instance, she brought up how nice it is that her mom is a copycat. To which I had to really try hard not to belly laugh out loud about. Apparently the lucky kid gets a full on "big girl" room makeover. She sat eating her holiday snacks in a snuggly new robe and told me all about how nice it's going to be. And also how funny she finds it when her mom has to keep up with us over here. Another example of how using competitive jealousy to my advantage is an awesome tool. Directly benefits the kiddo. The fact that she sees it can be a double edged sword. So we had a very crucial talk about not using that knowledge for evil. Or, she'll be grounded forever. No evil mastermind yet please.

A round of Thank Yous are in order. To all my loved ones who have been so over the moon great at passing along word of my new business. I have tried to shower ya'll with gifts to show my gratitude and I am sure I wont be able to quit doing that. Mainly because I keep needing to make new and exciting creations and they have been calling a few specific names lately. I guess it's safe to just say my friends are my inspiration. Keeps me motivated with all the love I have gotten. The people I keep close are there for a reason and I finally have a small way of saying how much that means to me. I will now attempt to list some specific thanks recipients in a big bloggity group hug: Laura, Dawn, Shalini, Tiff, Amy,Asha, Sarah, Hal, Kelly,Leslie, April, Matt, John, Shani, Cricket, Bonz, Amanda x2, Lois, Erin, Mary, Melissa, Jenn, Kate, Korina, Nick, Beth, Maleah, Alex, Jordan, Darla, Krissy, Katy, Alishia, Hilary, Trish and Kyle.

Wheew. You all know why I appreciate you. Just putting it out there in words.

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