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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Growing up

Aside from the seasonal hubbub( gift shopping, food shopping, all done from right here in this cozy spot by the fireplace) and the stress that comes with feeling ill prepared no matter how prepared I actually am, this fall/winter has been complex to say it nicely. Knowing I can't just leave it at that, I will keep writing. Let's just say I have been looking into giving some self help books as gifts this year for a few hopeless idiots I am forced to "get along with" (which we all know just means I bite my tongue and blog when needed). Found some awesomely appropriate titles, and you can probably read between the lines here even if those could-be recipients probably can't:

Sometimes I Act Crazy: Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

twentysomething: Surviving and Thriving in the Real World

The Complete Geezer Guidebook: Everything You Need to Know About Being Old and Grumpy!

"Does Wednesday Mean Mom's House or Dad's" Parenting Together While Living Apart

That actually sums up lifes little package of stress these days really. Dealing with a couple people who wont grow up and on the flip side, one old man who is confused about growing old, and one little man who is outgrowing quite a lot all at once. I guess I will start with the frustration part and end on a good note. I feel like we all know at least one person in our lives that we grind our teeth about because we would never choose to be associated with them. Their values ( or lack thereof) are so wildly different than ours that we feel like they never "get it" when real life is happening all around them. I have two at the moment. Wish I could avoid them at all cost because they make my head hurt with their sheer lack of "getting it". One has the ability to change and evolve and grow, and that would be a relief to see. The other is hopeless and closed minded and self righteous to the point of stake burning. Because there really isn't any other cure for the rest of us. Face it, sometimes they just can't be fixed.

The good stuff? Okay. So Aidan has outgrown his crib and after two nights of sleeping on the floor ( I don't even know. He can get in and out of bed with ease so it's by choice that he builds a blanket nest and crashes) he is sleeping in his new race car bed. Pretty sweet. He is getting into books so much that I had to get him more for Christmas. Like several. Yeah, more books than toys if I am gonna be honest.

Now, for some ups and downs before I go make breakfast for Father Time and Mini Man.

Upside: Dad is dealing with his occasional memory issues better.
Downside: He is using it to his advantage by just saying he forgot. For everything.

Upside: Aidan is staying away from the Christmas tree for the most part.
Downside: That's because he is still dead set on reprogramming the DVD player and satellite TV receiver.

Upside: My allergies are not going bananas so far.
Downside: They don't have a chance with the cold my stepkid keeps bringing over.

Downside: In my opinion, Voldemort is throwing irrational fits and being all reactionary-vengeful.
Upside: In my opinion, her diet has got her so thin in a few places that she looks to have an adams apple, which is a whole new level of hilarious.

* Common deffinition of a starvation diet when googled: Any diet limiting daily caloric intake below 1200 not prescribed by a doctor, for any extended period of time.

A person following any type of starvation diet can be left weak, dizzy, and undernourished. This type of dieting can lead to more severe starvation diets like Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. When the body reaches starvation mode complications occur such as:
  • Electrolyte imbalances causing dehydration, muscle spasms, and in severe cases cardiac arrest
  • Hypokalemia (potassium deficiency) & Chronic Hypokalemia
  • Depression, anxiety, irritability, and anger
** For the record. I do not stand corrected. I am being somewhat polite.

Awwwww life is awesome though. Happy Holidays!!!

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