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Thursday, September 29, 2011

twilight zone?

Have I died and gone to heaven? Am I dreaming? Is this a parallel universe where all the things I bitch an complain about actually fall in line the way they should? Or, by some crazy miracle of karma ( probably from being good and not punishing Voldemort the way I'd like to.....grumble grumble...stupid bitch) did my entire household actually allow me to sleep until naturally waking at 7:30? What a gift I tell ya. And, not to push my luck by typing it, the baby is still sleeping, Dad is snoozing comfortably, both having also slept through the night without needs or wants that normally cause me to do zombie walk to their aid. Usually at the most ungodly hours. Even the dogs were polite. Did I win an award or something? Is it the Rapture today and this is just God being nice to me out of pity? I cannot stop smiling.

I hear the coffee loudly finishing the brewing process and now I hear a giggle/growl/coo from Aidan. Much better morning than I have had in months. Maybe the key to it all is the amazing bath I took for the first time in a year. I need to soak like that more. With a home brewed beer in one hand and a book in another. That too was amazing. Though it makes me want to remodel like nobody's business ( I don't know many grown women without anorexia that can squeeze their ass into a regular sized tub for a long soak without feeling obese). Jacuzzi tub? Yes please. But then I would be squeaky clean, well read, and nothing else would ever get done.

Anyhow, today is starting out awesome!!! Hope yours is too. Better go rescue the weird-o singing in the crib.

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