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Friday, September 23, 2011

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I feel like I am on hold today. Probably because I have been asked to "please hold" about 37,006 times. I know, it's only 10:40! That's a waste of a good cup of coffee for sure. But it's ok, I had a cannoli with my java today just to balance life a bit. I am playing phone tag with a few doctors and a handful of nurses trying to get a direct answer out of someone. Steep expectations I am slowly realizing as I listen to a musac rendition of a Journey song I shouldn't be humming to. I should be fuming by now. But I am not. I am used to this by now. Dad is in the hospital recovering from surgery which is a long healing process for him ( a whole back story too long and boring for ya'll so I will give you enough to understand: Dad has a junky, after cancer immune system, blood clotting issues, heart problems, and he's 30 seconds and a Splenda away from diabetes). My job is to make sure he doesn't say he is fine and then come home with complaints of pain and whatnot. So here I am. With Journey. Actually now it is Ace of Base. :) Baby is back in bed and the sun is shinning through the changing fall leaves. Life is pretty great. I just feel like I am paused in a holding pattern and forget to breathe when Dad has health stuff. I want to press play and chug along at our households normal pace.

I do have some time here and there for reflecting while I zone out on hold. Time to think of all the good things in my life right now. My friends that are persistent, comical and real. Calling me to check in and tell me how their world is bonkers too. Crazily, a couple awesome ladies have landed in my rowboat with eerily similar family stories which is comforting and amazing. They have been incredible keystones to my not freaking out lately. Nice to see some parallels in other grown ups that get it. Helps me take things in stride an not lose myself as much as I used to.

The kids have been changing lately. Hal is 9 now, which is an age of pre-tween character flaws mixed with a dose of child naivety and a dash of sass I wish I could block her from absorbing from annoying influence. Aidan is full on terrible and not near 2. I think that old crap of terrible twos is a super stupid saying. I think strong willed smart babied with no words are pissed at the communication barrier and get hostile. Thus, he is Hulk right now. Watching them grow up is cool but it does seem to fly by. All those sayings are true about time flying. Even if we're not having fun. Days zoom.

Now I think I will plan a light lunch and call some of my girls to chat. Then maybe finish crafting gifts for two of my sweetest friends that each just had baby girls! Congrats to Shani and Weesh (and their hubs of course, but they pushed the babies out so mainly to them for that hard work). <3

I also just heard Kelly chuckle as he monitors the beer he is brewing. Good times.

I am tired of holding. I think I will call back later.

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  1. Oh luv my grandma sounds like your dads alter ego and lives with me so i too am on perpetual hold with doctors and the like. I wish I could tell you it gets easier but I'm not one to sugar coat so I won't. Keep your head up and keep being persistent. Miss your face!