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Saturday, September 10, 2011

sweet little

Sour patch kid. That's my boy. We've called him that for a while and he keeps wearing the title proudly. Baby school time is no exception. The first week went very well. He has accomplished many things in a short time. Winning over his teachers, becoming class clown, and causing a ruckus with a cherub grin. Picture day was Friday ( a riot to imagine five tiny people being simultaneously seated and smiling). This was a day Aidan is normally not in class so we came for an hour, just to get his picture taken solo and with the class. After countless attempts to tackle, trick or beg, the photographer had nearly given up on him sitting calmly next to prob blocks. Three animal crackers and a few scowls later we may end up with a snarky smirk photo of a tiny jerk laying on his back. Awesome. And it gets better. Of course. The group shot was in his classroom and I thought this was the way to get him to park it. I guess the influence of well behaved kids angelically groomed and arranged in a row was not a cue for him to follow their lead. He had to be held by a teacher and given a drum to even get him in one spot for two minutes. And that shot will also no doubt be something we frame and shake our head at. The next few years of pre-school photos will hopefully be more civilized. But we will have a fun comparison to show him when he is older. I can't say much because I really did not expect any miracle shy of total possession by the ghost of manners past to get him cross sit. I do however reward him for not crying, whining or throwing tantrums. Keeping that out of his routine is major for me. So if he wants to be a silly lunatic and make grown ups laugh, go crazy kid.

Then, out of nowhere ( ok, probably out of me hammering this manners crap into his vocab every minute I can) he reaches for his waffle I am handling him and says "Pease" clear as a bell. I ran out the back door and told Kelly all about it as he watered the yard half awake. Probably scared the shit out of him while he daydreamed of breakfast and coffee. Totally worth it.

Sour patch kid for sure. Sour and then sweet.

I will post the pics from school when I get them. Aught to be a riot. :)

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