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Friday, September 2, 2011

something new

Well here I sit with a mixture of feelings as little guy naps. I am taking him for his first day at preschool/daycare in t-minus 2 hours. I am feeling as though a glorious gift of that precious block of hours will help me catch up with grown up life in general. Like housework, maybe coffee with a friend or two I have been missing, and a serious nap with a good book now and then. Get my brains back where I need them. Plus, this is muy importante because Aidan is lagging with words ( in my opinion he is lazy and we know what he wants. life is easy breezy for him). So I think tossing him in with some little talkers and a teacher who has no clue what his cues are, will force him to get with the program. At least make him need to say the basics. I know he can, he just doesn't have to here. Super annoying. He repeated "naked" back to me when I found him just that way in his crib singing to himself, so I know he has the ability.

My naughty prince can terrorize someone else a couple days a week. Let the phone calls begin. That leads me to my other thoughts about this plan. I worry that the other kids won't be able to nap because Aidan is singing to the nap music too loudly. Or that he plows over everyone to get to food that isn't his. Part of why I waited really, I was concerned he would smash the little kiddos in the baby room. I don't know why I assume that walking would make him less strong or rather, other kids less wimpy and more able to predict his actions. But apparently being a full on walker was the thing I set as daycare readiness. I am really hoping there is a tougher kid in there that he can either pal with or get thumped on by. That probably makes me a mean mommy but I don't care.

On the upside ( so far *knock on wood*) my kid isn't the biter, or the thrower, or the whiner (for the most part). I guess there is that. This aught to be an interesting visit today. I don't worry if he can handle it, I wonder if they can handle him. I am sure some funny will ensue, and of course I will update.

P.s. I am REALLY hoping he finds his penis less interesting at daycare. Or life will be embarrassing for the kid with the duct taped diaper.



The first day went awesome. The boy seemed like he could care less that I left the room. He played with toys as though he were at home and comfortable. And even ate a snack like a civilized little man at a tiny table with four new friends. Didn't even thieve animal crackers from anyone!! I was shocked. And pleased. But mostly shocked. I watched him adventure around knew at once that he will do just fine there. Next week will be a whole new back to school experience. And Mommy will have some time to make the house a stylish home finally! Lot's to do and now some actual time to dedicate to it all! Yahooooo!!!

Here is proof of his awesome behavior. And yes, I know it may differ next Tuesday and he may have a total out of body when I leave. One day at a time. :)
Thank you sweet boy, for making this all a little easier on Mommy <3

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