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Saturday, August 27, 2011

To every season turn turn turn

I am looking forward to Fall this year. I love the leaves changing and the seasonal fruits and squash and apple cider and sweaters.......I could go on and on. Plus I really love back to school, and planning for Halloween. A few crisp mornings is all it takes to make me wish it was here already. I was having a conversation yesterday about how I love Autumn and Spring and that Summer is fine, but our Winters here are annoying. It is a few months of cold sideways rain, sometimes mixed with snow, and then throw in a handful of storm warning or "arctic blasts" depending on the year or El Nino or whatever. Pretty stressful and not fun. No three foot snowstorms with sledding potential unless you live outside of the metro area a ways. So our school districts have a nervous trigger finger about cancellations thus making them look bi-polar. Really doesn't help the weather teams on the news look reliable. So it is safe to say Winter is lame and only the Holiday season makes it worth a damn.

My point is Fall is sneaking up on me and I am glad. The garden is starting to wither in places and the crop harvest is lessening. This year was apparently a test of how crappy our soil quality was because we had a poor turn out on most veggies. Next year I rip up the yard and go all fertilizer/compost crazy in all areas. For the most part, my yard plans took shape and transformed parts of our landscape. Like a pond in the front yard with a waterfall and turtle habitat. Roses and Hosta and ferns where I wanted them. And also the raised planters for Hals garden and some of our mini farm ( the only crops that really went crazy productive). The outdoor home renovations are done for this year. Next we will tear up yucky lawn and terrace part of the back yard and beautify. I thin it is time to turn my focus back indoors to the living room. Aidan is in the destructive and/or climbing/conquering phase. This has caused somewhat of an overhaul every time he masters some defenseless piece of furniture and makes into an area he shouldn't be. I have a sad feeling that this will put my redecorating plans on a back burner for a while as far as this room in concerned. So, I think I will plan the girls room. And also maybe redefine my bathroom, which is tiny and overlooked, and could use a shelf or something. Time for some HGTV me thinks.

I refuse to allow the change of season to pass me by again without nature walking with my cameras. The last few years I have been disappointed that I let all that color get away.

Leafs be with you :)

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