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Monday, August 22, 2011

You grow Girl

I haven't really written about my girl in a while. Mainly because this summer has been kinda wonky and her mom/dad schedule has me on my toes trying to balance fun and relaxation for the poor kid. I think a "normal" family has downtime after the go-go-go trips and activities. So we try to do that too. But then we run the risk of being the house she is bored at. It's crazy and I never thought I'd be looking forward to the back and forth trade off pattern of school time parenting. Much simpler and less room for annoyance. Don't get me wrong, the beach trips and the farmers market and zoo camp have all been awesome. But I am ready for cooler weather, fall clothes ( not having to deal with inappropriately short shorts which make me the bad guy because they are out of the question. I don't care if they were expensive and cute) and honestly, Hal's birthday. She is turning 9 and I am super excited. I have been sooooooooooo good at keeping a few things secret and hidden, and I bought them months ago!! This is a major accomplishment because I ruin surprises and give gifts wayyyyyyyy in advance if I have them in my hot little hand. One of these things is especially super crazy awesome amazing. I was worried it may be babyish for her age but was pleasantly surprised and relieved when I began setting it up and programing apps. The range for learning games and trivia and writing programs is amazing! I can give this product two solid thumbs up so far and will update the review when I have her opinion as well.

I had originally scoffed at this item I will admit. Because the article I read had it geared to a toddler more or less. And I pictured giving Aidan a n expensive gift and laughed my ass off. Like giving the Hulk fine china to play with is what I pictured. But the more I read the more it became clear that this is a very cool learning toy that will last Hal a year or two, and then it will be for Aidan a little after that. And when that made it worth the hundred dollar price tag, I pre-ordered it like a nerd and patiently ( yeah right ) watched for the Fed Ex truck. Anyhow, I am posting a link so you can read about it for yourself. Like I said, I give it an A for awesome so far. And the games range all the way up to 6th grade levels for math and reading. I do wish they would pitch it to the older end of the age range too though, because the sites I have seen are really amping up the early ed side of things. Great and all, but it is a toy/tool that grows with the kids learning and they should stress that aspect more in my opinion. Check it out!

LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer

I am also thrilled that she and I are going school shopping soon. We did a fun project to hone in her style for the year. Mainly so I would get the idea right when I do a little online bargain shopping. But also so she could see her vision on paper. She has cut out key pieces and paired up outfit options almost like a paper doll selection. Next we are making a poster for her door so she can get ideas through the school year and add to it. I may have a clothing designer or stylist on my hands. Impressive eye she has already for what is a good looking trend and what fad is just wrong. Pretty entertaining. Like I have told her a million times over the last few years, I don't care what she wears to school as long as it's appropriately covering her and it's right for the weather that day. If she is happy and comfortable, more power to her. I don't care if she wants to rock a tutu, four shirts and mismatched socks with rain boots. Go crazy. It's how she'll find her own style and be comfortable in her own skin as herself. Less likely to be a sheep that is steered by peer pressure and popularity too. Be a trend setter girl!!

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