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Saturday, October 8, 2011

my friends double as therapists

A wise gal recently made me see my situation in a better light. One in which, I totally hadn't realized, I am awesome!! Which, of course is how I like to be. I was getting a bit annoyed that a certain somebody keeps trying to out-do me. In my opinion, if someone does something well, and you are jealous, the way to really show them up probably isn't to make a showy attempt at the same thing they already excel at. Pretty much only accomplishing looking stupid and being annoying. It is however hilarious to watch that person flail around trying new things they suck at. I know, I am a jerk. Oh well. Anyhow my level headed pal pointed out that some of this copycat shit isn't so bad. Because even if their heart isn't in the right place, at least they look like a good person for a little bit. Like volunteer work for instance. At the end of the day, if competing to "keep up with the Felti" is making this person serve the community like I do, then great!! I just made a super negative person do something positive. Excellent reverse psychology idea. Well, in a "stop hitting yourself" kind of way.

I only have a few more minutes till dinner ( I really love when my spouse cooks and lets me have a few moments to tune out Yo Gabba Gabba the best I can and try to blog) so I will list some good and stupid events from this week.

* Just heard soccer is over for Hal in a few days. I am soo over it.
* tricked Aidans bedtime clock and he is sleeping till 7 or so!!! wahhoooooo
* Hubby has brewed two new batches of beer and still planning on more.
* gonna be an angry bird for Halloween with my girls. ( made a little yellow angry baby bird costume too)
* I decided to go back to bitching on my blog. It was more entertaining this way.
* Sold a few pieces from the new jewelry line Bonz and I started
* the article I just read about diet pills being linked to bi-polar like behavior. Come on starving women, didn't anyone ever tell you it's good to be round? :) I thank my son for my new curves instead of resenting him for it.
* big huge HD TV for our anniversary
* going to see our friends in concert again soon this time sans kid
* pumpkin patch time!!!!!!!!!!!!
*my sis moved back to north Portland which means whenever we go that direction I can have Thai food from my very favorite restaurant ( if you do not like at least one item on a Thai menu, there is something seriously wrong with you)
* Honey Crisp apple season!!!!

* the neighbors are throwing another quinceanera and clogging up all the driveways on our cul de sac.
* the amount of vampire nonsense rising again due to Halloween season. Newsflash, Edward will still never love you!
* when we upgraded our satellite TV to HD we lost all our DVR programs :(
* not going to Vegas for our anniversary
* not seeing our friends play in Vegas
* Dad somehow programed his medical device he is attached to 24/7 to German! Cannot wait to trouble shoot that one tonight.

I really love when the good outweighs the bad.

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