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Friday, August 5, 2011

Head to toe

So I have been in cahoots with a friend planning another friends birthday party. I LOVE LOVE party planning. The themed kind, the fancy kind, the garden with strings of twinkly lights and music kind......I could go on and on. *sigh* Puts me in an awesome mood to even be a part of putting together something fun and festive. And to top it off, this is an 80's themed party based off the movie Heathers. I am super excited to put it lightly. Croquet and awesome throwback preppy get-ups are just the beginning. I actually ordered a serious prop head to put on the croquet play field to look just like the scene with Winona Riders character! No shiz! I really got one ( it's amazing how much the face looks like her too. It is one of those stylist practice heads from a beauty school type thing with real-ish hair! incredible ebaying. go me!) Well the thing came in the mail today and it didn't take very long for the head to start giving people the eeby geebies while it sat in a corner on a shelf. Like one of those heart attack inducing, catch it out of your peripheral vision type moments. Our family is a little pranky. Especially when given a pretty golden opportunity. I can't say I wouldn't have used it for evil first had I thought of it. Anyhow, my sister tucks the thing into my bed and adding a few pillows under the covers, scared the crap out of my husband. Completely creepy brilliant idea! So we decide to take it downstairs and tuck it into my brothers bed and get him too. Even though it took many hours of giggling like 6 yr olds while waiting for him to come home from work and stop dilly dallying talking to everyone and go into his damn room already! It was worth it. In my opinion ( and that of my abs, the laughter is the best workout) this crazy Winona head has already paid for itself with gags alone. And it will still be hilarious with it as an awesome party prop.

I am now considering all the endless possibilities for Winona.

I am really shocked at how fast this summer has flown by. It feels like there are only a few BBQs and Birthdays coming up and then BAM it's back to school time for kids and on to cooler rainy weather. It will be nice to get back into a more logical routine again. I am looking forward to having Aidan in daycare a couple days a week for some social busy time for him, and Mommy sanity organization (reassemble anything he may have destroyed) time for me. Also back to school means clothes for the girl which will be a blast this year. We have been coordinating her signature style by going through catalogs and creating her ideal outfits. I love that she has her own sense of what she likes and is really coming into her own and dressing with personality. I am pretty amazed at how much she has grown this last year. She is so tall!!! I love school shopping as much as she does I think.

In other news we took little man to the beach for his first real ocean/sand experience. The new adventure was nothing short of hilarious. He ate as much wet sand as he could get away with and tried to run out to sea. But after a long splash in the sea he dug his feet and toes into the warm sand by our towels, raking and shoveling and writhing around. He was not to thrilled to leave so it's safe to say he had a great time and totally adored the beach. Not really surprised since Kelly and I are both sun, sand and surf kinda people. It's in his blood. Little surfer more than likely.

Thus our word of the day:

50 grit - The result of consuming mass amounts of sand and fully passing it successfully.

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