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Thursday, July 21, 2011

turds and tattoos

I am semi condensing two topics into in post because I have limited time lately and can't decide between the two. Let's see, start with the sentimental and end with the funny? Yes.

So, a long long time ago my sister drew a doodle that she thought was just silly scribbling on a scrap of receipt paper. When I saw this doodle I fell in love with it and thought it would make an amazingly unique tattoo design. Well, over the last several years she and I had a pretty deep feud which does not need to be public, but does set the tone for this story. While at odds, I had hemmed and hawed over this tattoo idea knowing deep down that I wanted her permission to use her drawing. So I never got it done and the idea faded. Until I found out that she was doing tattoo work. My idea came back with the seemingly impossible notion that it would be even better if she did the tattoo for me herself. As perfect as it sounded in my head, it was not a realistic option ( I did have a dream that she said yes while still mad at me and gave me a swastika tat instead of the design I wanted. Kinda funny now). This doodle was very special to me for about a zillion reasons that I probably can't even detail to the point. But the gist of it is that there are two doll-like faces peering out of twigs and blades of grass and it reminds me of a very small framed piece of art I was given as a gift when we were teeny tiny sisters. Super mushy sounding but deep down I can be pretty sentimental. This art gift was given to me when my lil sis was born by a french man who was an exchange student my Gram had when my aunts were all in high school. Bernard kept in touch all through the years as a family member of sorts and was an adoring uncle figure for me. I mean how awesome is it t have an uncle that lives in France and your Gram tells you stories of fields of lavender and wonderful foods where he lives? Very awesome. Anyhow, the doll like faces remind me of the faces of two little french girls holding hands and walking in a park in the framed picture. And Bernard had written in French and English on the reverse side " a sister is a friend forever". Ughhh. I am sickeningly sweet to put so much value on a doodle, very unlike me really. But it touched me, probably more because we recently buried the hatchet and it actually feels like there was never bad times. More like we missed out on years but things are back on track. So, the other day I explained ( partially, as not to sound stupid and sappy. Left out the sister/dollface/french part, and just said I loved it) that I wanted the tattoo, and how cool it would be if she did it. Well I am happy to say that I have a sore shoulder blade because I got my wish. I have my special ink now. Symbolic to say the least.

Ok, now on to poop. :) Can't be seriously sappy for too long or people will quit reading my posts. Aidan has become more of a jerk on the changing table than ever. He has always considered pants evil and resisted being dressed. The last month or so he has decided that diapers are nonsense also and he'll have no part in the idea of one. It's not the actual act of cleaning up his bottom that bugs him, he lays calmly talking to himself and usually I give him a plastic toy to keep him busy. He has actually started punching himself in the junk or pulling on it all, which just looks awful and not fun at all yet he smiles. Boys are ridiculous. Not the main point though sorry. He refuses to have a diaper put back on and I have to pin him while he cries real tears!! What the crap?!! Like he wants to kamikaze to the floor rather than have his butt covered. I do not get where it came from but it has to stop. I got a potty just in case it was a solution but no dice on that yet. I know it's jumping the gun, so don't even say it. I just want to be prepared with the tools for success when he decides he is ready. Because man oh man am I ready!! This diaper fight is stupid. I don't think he realizes it takes longer when he writhes like I am killing him and ends up with a thong. I just have to start over. Language skills would really come in handy about now but that's another story all together.

So, we plan to take wee man to an outdoor music festival coming up next month and I am super excited. Some friends will be playing and they've never met him. It's kinda cool because a couple of them have little ones of their own now. Not exactly the normal place to take a baby, but I figure my music festival days are numbered as he get's older and with his appreciation for music already, having some pictures with a band will be cool when he is a young man. Maybe inspiring for him.

Word of the day:

Diaper stones - Too many breads, not enough fruit.

Diaper sauce - Too much fruit, not enough bread.

Ahh yes, another two-fer. :)

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