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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Little things pile up

And by the title I mean lots of things. Laundry especially. Little man laundry is incredible. I actually think it's cute that it takes 75 thousand shirts and pants to make up one full load. I do not however enjoy folding them. Because my monster really likes to unfold them. Thus creating the basket Mom gave up on.

Other things that pile up are the mass quantities of fruit sitting on my kitchen counters. Almost every surface in there is taken up by bags of apples, oranges, a few melons, you name it it's probably in there. Because I am a juicing machine!!! Or rather, I got a juicing machine and I am crazy in love with it. Somehow the old man who won't eat a peach is all about a tall cool glass of beets, wheat grass, apples, carrots, cucumber and watermelon. Go figure. I don't waste too much time pondering why, I just juice. I can make anything! It's amazing! And of course my boy who tries anything will drink a sippy cup of any concoction I put in front of him. This is what I plan to do when I am done writing. Juice mass amounts of beets and a whole pineapple!! Life is very exciting.

I am trying new things to help Dad with his health. A complete shock, he agreed to try a few new things. Let me just express how strange that it. He has been stubbornly set in his ways since before I was born. So for him to be like " yeah, sure. Acupuncture sounds like a fun idea" and not be sarcastic about it, is a major big deal. To the point that I took his temp to be sure no fever was causing his agreeable mood. Being stuck with needles is absolutely the opposite of what I would call fun but I know at this point he will try anything he hasn't before to feel good again. And he has tried anything that comes in a pill form. He is learning that a pill does not solve the stages of aging. It will not get your independence back or rewind the clock. Pills are not going to get you back in the seat of a Harley cruising down a sunny highway. Aging is inevitable. And when you get older having someone around to help can be a blessing and a curse. I can just try my best to be the person who sneaks nutrition back into his day and boost that energy a bit. Perk him up and play some peek-a-boo with baby. Life is good at any age if you let it be and move past the Eeyore road block of feelings. Working of feeling good and looking on the bright side.

A happy happy note, my kid finally said MAMMA!!!!! Wahooooo!!! And wouldn't you know it, the little bugger did it on my Birthday. At lunch with plenty of witnesses. At first I thought I was making a word out of a mumble ( I had all but given up on him saying it anytime soon). But then he said it louder and with a smile after MmmmmMmmmMmmming for a bit. Such a great present to me. What more could I ask for? It was actually an amazing birthday. I kind of got showered with gifts I have really wanted. Like getting my hair done super nice, and a huge bottle of my favorite face wash ( which is spendy so I never splurge. But seriously I should because a cheap face wash sucks the life out of your skin) and even fancy and lovely smelling perfume. Feeling pretty spoiled is awesome when you're used to feeling kind of like a plow horse! It's nice to feel special and loved.

All things are interesting currently. Not a dull moment.

Word of the day:
The wild colored poop after a full sippy cup of home made juice. Tie dye effect.

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