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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nature calls

So anyone that knows me even a little, knows that I am pretty much all about nature. Yep, tree huggin hippie right here. I was always the kid who was saving ( capturing) injured (perfectly healthy) animals in hopes that my parents would understand my need to rescue and heal them ( keep them forever as pets). They never really allowed it. So I occasionally got caught with awesome lizards, tiny snakes or a bird ( stupid loud blue jay) in my room. I was always peering into water run offs, crossing my fingers I'd find salamanders ( one time I came home with a Costco sized jar teeming with brown and red salamanders and my Mom almost fainted. I had lost count at forty. She was not impressed). And outdoor school was seriously where I wanted to live. Heaven for biology science nerds. I love animals ( except slugs because they do nothing good for the planet and are just nasty. It's a fact and not open for discussion or argument. blech).

Now that you know all of this I will tell you my dilemma. Being a home owner may cause conflict with my inner nature lover. I was enjoying the view of freshly planted tomatoes in porch pots next to my herb garden when I heard and then saw a teeny bird. Exiting a small space in our Sunsetter awning. Not so good. I then contemplated if those birds could have already lain eggs. And will I ever be able to open or retract my awning again without wondering of a little bird farm being squished. So I spent the next thirty minutes investigating with a small camera ( as not to put my giant head in a squawking bird domicile only to get my eyes pecked out. What, you never saw Birds? ) and looked for established nests. None that I could see. I spent the next thirty minutes after that contemplating where to research the types of bird houses these teenies might like as to detract from the appeal of my damn awning. While brewing coffee and thinking I was rudely interrupted by a reminder that our chimney cap is metal. And when a little jerk woodpecker takes a liking to it ( which happens several times a week now) it sounds like a jack hammer and gives me heart failure ( and spilling water on the floor that I would slip on hours later).

So far my owing a home has made me question my love of birds. :(
I think I need to put out my humming bird feeders ( because they have been sword fighting over the cherry blossom bugs) and birdy houses to ease my worry. And I have no clue how to not want to shoot a woodpecker. But I'd probably just want to nurse it back to health anyhow so what is the point.

I am going to go get my hands dirty today and turn the soil in my girls butterfly garden. And pull a few weeds. And then sit on my fat ass in the sunshine in shorts because my yard has a nice fence that blocks the view thus sparing my neighbors.

Holy grammatical errors batman!!! I have said it before and I'll say it again. I should not blog before consuming my coffee. Sorry ya'll. I think I got them all.

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