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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fun Times!!

With a title like that I know you must waiting on the edge of your seat to see what joyous joy I pen!! Yeah. No. I am in a mood for a quickie so I will just jot a list of junk and a list of awesome. To catch you up on the good and the bad. :)

Let's begin with all the awesome things lately:
  • my son is taking his first steps like an all star and he doesn't even cry when he falls on his face (some of those have gotta hurt)
  • my step kid is totally back to her normal self after all the awkward girl talk ( poor kid)
  • my hubby is doing housework like spring brought the best out in him ever
  • I have found a few new ways to filter the evil out of my life
  • I have found two really great friends in semi unlikely places when I least expected it
  • the Butterfly Garden is ready to be planted and the 8 yr old girl should squeal with joy
  • taught the girl photography skills and she is really good with the the sweet digital camera she has taken over ( not to mention she talks about "editing her pics" now. so cute)
  • totally talked my Dad into acupuncture and wellness teas!!!
  • met some baby mommas that are good company and not creepy one uppers
  • got some major props from someone I consider to be a Super Mom about how I "keep it together" and " don't lose sight of what matters" :) I almost got sappy and cried.

And now my shit list:
  • my hair needs a change BADLY ( that should happen professionally and soon thanks to my Birthday approaching and my super awesome spouse)
  • the yard is something we will have to attack in about 3 stages :( I had hoped to do the I Dream of Genie thing and poof! it would be pretty.
  • a couple pregnant people I know are being super annoying lately ( no offense but stop acting like you know everything or that you get any good advice from the horrible company you keep. ok. offense)
  • a couple engaged people I know are being super annoying lately ( you are not the first women to ever get married. And the rest of us cared for the first hours you wasted of our lives talking about shit you should be planning with your mother)
  • I really want my tan to instantly be here already. I hate being this albino. It's gross.
  • my adorable step kid saying she is getting fat. YOU ARE 8!!!! You have all the time in your teens to get all body worried ( boy if I could get my hands on the idiot who told her she was chubby)
  • I finished a bunch of books and apparently saved the worst for last. I had to trudge through it though because I'd forever wonder if I was just being an asshole and after page 230 it got good ( which it did not)

Super annoying crap that makes me roll my eyes and have a beer. But all in all things are super good. Especially since I pre-ordered the Justin Bieber movie for the girl to cheer her up. Life is hard when you're 8 and boys are stupid and friends are catty. I like to reward her for being smart and making great choices at school.And frankly I want to have a PJ night and make popcorn and watch it with her.

Tomorrow I get to finish the loose ends of one hobby and then setting it aside due to glorious weather coming up that will force me outdoors with my camera. *sigh* It's nice to have an outlet. Or ten. Keeps the mind and soul right. Besides, I have already eaten through the 6 books I bought thinking they'd last me a while. And the crafty fire is burning again.

In case you were wondering why I am back to being all snarky. I think this nice weather has my Bitch all flared up. lol

1 comment:

  1. You are amazing! Thank you for making me laugh this morning!

    Oh - I don't think I know it all, and I too have learned to filter the evil so am only getting advise from awesome company. Just in case ... :)

    Miss you sweetness. So much.
    oxo Shani