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Thursday, March 31, 2011

getting old? what? I can't hear you

Yeah. I am feelin it. Mainly because I was reading through ads for technological stuff I had contemplated buying. I'll be damned if the words dynamic, advanced, superior and innovative just made it all sound complicated and I gave up. I am not sure if it had anything to do with the ruckus torture of Mary Had a Little Lamb blaring over and over in the room next door ( which is intermittently interrupted by blaring frog noises and car horn honks thanks to this AWESOME new toy with no OFF switch Aidan loves). I seem to have trouble focusing when all the items look exactly the same to me but the wording is a numeral or capitalized letter different from the item before. Hmmmm. Pretty sure this means I have officially slipped off the treadmill as far as keeping up with the times is concerned. You know, like when for a while you are in the loop and up to speed and then one day you realize your phone looks like a plastic brick with a single beep type ring and the person sitting next to you just answered a spaceship playing a concert version of a current pop song. And you thought you may be at that concert because the song quality and laser light show emitted from said phone was so spectacular. Yeah. Like that.

I am feeling this with computers right now. Trying to be ahead of the crash or blue screen moment on the horizon, I was merely window shopping till my eyes crossed. The result was me popping some Motrin for my headache. I guess I will just pat the trusty beast of a monitor lovingly and hold my breath that the de frag I just did shows the compy how much I appreciate it. Stay with me a bit longer friend. And I will not throw you from the roof. Deal? Deal. :)

I do think it's just a taste of what most of our folks went though and are now in denial of. There are some hip Mommas out there who are savvy with the Facebook ( shout out to my Mother in law right there) but they are not the majority of their era. My Dad used to think my computer class in 5th grade was a joke and a waste (little did he know how my gaming skills would be nurtured by all those hours playing Oregon Trail). But now the computer is a school staple and the cursive handwriting skills are diminishing. Crazy times we are living in. And before I start talking too much of the "good ol days" and " young whippersnappers" I am going to end.

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