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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Save it for later

So the last few weeks have been a tad stressy at the Feltus household. We have had a few trips to the hospital for my daddio, some important girl talk with the 8 yr old, and the epic saga of the first two teeth for little A ( which will be like a 32 part mini series from what I have heard from other moms). When life gets uber crazy and I feel pulled in every direction ( get upstairs from laundry and hear my phone ring, hang up from the call and babe is crying, shush the baby and dad wants lunch,the spouse wants to read me clips from CNN etc.) I try to remind myself that I'd rather have everyone where I can keep an eye on them. And that I kinda asked for this.

The really nice highlights are as follows: Dad is doing great and we are on a new plan of foods, meds and a brighter outlook on life in general. The power of positive thinking can help our outlook on some of the things we can't actually just snap our fingers and change in a day. At the very least it can change our mood while we work it all out.

The prince of chaos and mayhem has officially cut his two bottom teeth and looks ridiculous. I adore this. His doofy smile when he squints up his eyes and juts his lower jaw forward only exaggerates these two nubs more. He has become really good at eating ( like we doubted he'd go pro in this sport) and is munching away at all things edible. Went to Red Lobster and fed him off the 6 adults plates like a baby buffet. It is in fact as entertaining for us as it is pleasing to his belly. Today however he shocked me. While grazing on some peaches and Cheerios he was clearing his tray like a mad man and the fistfuls of peaches left him adhesive to the touch. I popped off the tray to plop baby in the awaiting tub and to my amazement he was half out of his diaper! And, the diaper was acting as a pouch. And he was filling this pouch with the makings of a pretty decent continental breakfast. Laughing my head of I take the nudist kangaroo to the bathroom to find cereal loops EVERYWHERE. You name it, they were there. I have to say I enjoyed the jaw drop my Hubby gave when I displayed for him a tiny baby penis crowned perfectly with a Cheerio. In itself that right there was worth it. :) Aidan had a great bath while I noticed a new O's surface now and then. Baffling as to how those baby rolls hide so much.

Fantastic laughs for a frantic past few days. *sigh* My side hurts and it's great.

Word of the day:


Puddle of poo. :) keeping it simple today.

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  1. * I can't believe I missed this one :)
    TOO GREAT! I'll never look at Cheerios the same again. ~shalini