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Monday, March 7, 2011

when isn't it cold season. kinda pointless to say "season"

I am a bit annoyed. And clearly (as always? ) I have a reason. My poor meatball keeps catching something or another, undoubtedly from the school age girl. Elementary school is a scientifically proven petri dish full of carrier monkeys. Anyhow, little dude had the sniffles, beat that. Then some serious snot issues ( not cool at all, he was slimer) beat that. Now he has a cough. Not the dry hacking kind. The gross Mucinex commercial kind. Too bad there is no such thing as baby Mucinex. I am not into drugging my kid at every sign of a cootie or sneeze. I just don't like him feeling yucky. It's sad. And frankly he gets a lot more whiny and complicated. Add that to his normal daily hunger hostility and oh joy of joys is he fun. I refuse to go to the doctor if it's me but I have teetered on bringing him in for the last few little ill moments. Just as I am going to call for an appointment, it's that day that he wakes up all sunny and happy and fine. Of course. This time I heard him cough after being perfectly healthy for a couple weeks and thought " Someone infected my baby!!!"( notice how that statement makes him the victim and of course leaves me room to blame someone) because that's what Mommy's do. But as it turns out no one in our house has a cough at all. That means it is my other nemesis the shopping cart handle! Or I could come down from my readiness to slay the cootie-villain and be realistic. It's probably airborne and Aidan is a baby.

I try really hard not to be over the top about bumps bruises and sicky baby stuff. It's all normal. Like when he cruises around the furniture now. And then leans back to pet the dog. And then takes a step toward her. And falls flat on his face ( on the way down you see the look of "oh crap I don't quite know how to do this right yet"). I wait for it. The cry. But so far none of that. No wimp here thank goodness because there are too many men in this house who will not permit that. But no need for comfort at all. Just crawls over and hoists back up on the recliner to do his little knee bendy silly dancey dance as he squeaks and spits all over my chairs. Good times. Rough and tumble just like I predicted. At least one thing so far is turning out the way I thought. Oh and the eating is on track too. Can't forget that. My piggy will eat anything!! It's the coolest game ever! He has had scrambled eggs lately. Loved them. And, his first hot dogs, a girl scout cookie ( don't judge me it was shortbread), bread crust with mustard from a sandwich, pork roast, bacon.....the list is pretty endless because I feed him tidbits from my plate as he eats snacks.

And he is yelling " Mom!!! Meatloaf!!""" now. lol No but he is hungry so I am done.

Word of the day.

Mermaiding: When you change your kid and they are flailing around so bad you completely get both legs in one pant hole. And they are being such a punk you want to just leave it that way.

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