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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Equally Awesome

I was online shopping ( because that is what I do now) when I got a wild hair. So I meander on over to Etsy, skimming along the baby stuff with an unamused look on my face. I became annoyed with myself. Why am I so lazy when it comes to marketing my stuff? I have tons of people who look at or comment on things I make for Aidan. And to be honest ( and try not to sound super conceited about it) I have whipped out countless ideas and then moved on to the next. It's like creativity just keeps giving me these money making opportunities and I stick them in a drawer. What am I doing? I think I get all eager and then disappointed when I post on Etsy. It is an artistic death wave of expectations and failure. I just don't have the staying power for it anymore. And it's not an outlet type website for an actual store I run in real life. So I think that's why I feel epic frustration for the lack of success when I compare my page to other pages. And maybe I have a tiny little " I could make that better" gene in me that drives my jealousy. Instead of browsing other peoples awesome while turning green because they are turning a profit, I should motivate myself for the positive. And this could be not only a great outlet but a boost for the after-baby-lack-of-confidence issue.

I am going to get back on the bike I have fallen off and make bigger attempts. I am going to start by marketing custom quilts like the one I made Aidan. Have people send in the favorite onesies or shirts of the babes and I will make a patchwork lovie or blanket for them at a reasonable price. It's a good idea and easy for me. Now to begin the plan and then put it into action. *deep breath* I will let you know how this goes. And I will not be pitching my scheme on Etsy. I refuse to be distracted. I do however need a couple test subjects to manufacture a demo or two so I have a variety to show. Calling all baby mommas ;) Start rounding up your kids outgrown cute and give me a holla!

Baby term for today: The Scoots
- the overflow from a diaper that squishes up the crack and onto the lower back region. Caused by a newly found mobility and a full or even semi full diaper.


  1. The scoots... I love it. You are so talented. I would love a blanket like that and it would be soo cute... I just dont know which onesies I would use. They all have so many memories with them. :) You go momma!!

  2. Stay positive Shannon! and maybe the other etsy stores aren't doing as great as you imagine. Times are tough right now but imnsho...people still need the basics and they do love unique things.
    My 0.02. Do a few items, items that you love love love, do them well the rest will happen.
    - Hugs Auntie